Celebrate Our Non-Man-Centered Gospel:

By buying a ticket to one of our Sovereign Cruises today:

Yes that’s right you can celebrate the beauty of our non-man-centered Gospel by buying a ticket for one of our Sovereign Cruises today. What better way of reveling in the Absolute Biblical Truth Gospel of God’s Absolute Sovereign Wrath and Law towards the 99% of humanity that He foreordained not to love by spending your time on one of our Sovereign Cruises today! Just think of all the non-man-centered fun you’ll be having if you join us for one of our Sovereign Cruises today! Why you’ll just jump for joy and leap with glee as you discuss the endless torment of all those who do not believe the same as you!

And as we all know the best way to combat heresy and the spiritual terrorists who are attacking Absolute Truth in our churches is by joining us for one of our Sovereign Cruises today! After-all, God’s Truth is so fragile and always under attack that we must all take a stand in God’s sovereignty to protect it. If we do not, the perverts and sickos of this world will destroy the church and what better way to do that than by participating in a non-man-centered activity like going on one of our Sovereign Cruises today. 

Through the ages, our Lord Jesus Christ has provided His Word to His bride, the church.  The Word is His voice, and He has chosen to speak with clarity and with sufficiency.  He has given this tremendous gift out of love, for He has protected it and blessed those who have remained faithful to its teachings. Its sufficiency is a great encouragement to His people, for without it they would be left wandering in darkness, always casting about for some other source to guide them to the truth in the kind of certainty needed for a life of  godliness and service in a hostile world.

The God-breathed Scriptures speak to every generation of believers with the same soul-changing, truth-imparting power as they did from the beginning.  However, this world has become an indescribably challenging place.   Islam’s self-identification is to deny Christian truth but yet is allowed to stand unchallenged in our modern media . Issues of ethics and morality, extending from abortion through genetic experimentation, euthanasia, homosexuality, and the complete redefinition of the divine institution of marriage and family are all around us.  Postmodernism has destroyed the foundation of truth, humanism  has annihilated the highest and best in man, and naturalistic materialism has banished hope from his mind. The world has nothing to offer him, since he is created in the image of God, and so he lives in constant rebellion against this nature and the testimony of God’s existence all around him and within him.  Only Christ’s church, blessed with His Word, can speak to man’s truest needs.  The enemy, knowing this, attacks the Scriptures in every conceivable fashion, seeking to sow seeds of doubt in believer’s minds so that they will not boldly proclaim to the world the very truths God’s Word has revealed.

What we promise you’ll hear on one of our Sovereign Cruises:

  1. All non-Calvinist theology is man-centered
  2. The Bible is inerrant
  3. Our interpretation of the Bible is inerrant
  4. We are not man-centered
  5. Our interpretation of the Bible is not man-centered
  6. This cruise is not man-centered

So join us today on one of our lovely and luxurious non-man-centered  Sovereign Cruises!

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8 Responses to Celebrate Our Non-Man-Centered Gospel:

  1. Arthur McJohn says:

    Is the cruise “cruise-centered”?

  2. is the cruise ship “ocean-centered” or “boat-centered”?

  3. free music says:

    i take a liking to it commend Our Non-Man-Centered the prefixed: « The Online Discernmentalist Mafia now im your rss reader

  4. John Arthur says:

    Hi, where is Ken Silva on the ship?


  5. rzhblog says:

    Being a true Baptist, Ken Silva spent the complete cruise in the swimming pool. He was attempting to prove himself a superior Baptist to Reformed Baptist like James White. In addition, Ken Silva baptized more persons during the cruise than James White. However, James White questioned if some of the persons baptized by Ken Silva were actually born again. A debate broke out between Southern Baptist and Reformed Baptist on who should be baptized; naturally James White won the debate as usual. Everyone knows that Ken Silva cannot debate anyone so the Southern Baptist are challenging James White to another debate. You can purchase the White vs Silva Baptism debate on AOMIN.ORG as that is how White’s ministry gets funded now days since he hasn’t published any books lately.

    Any desire to post satire on the Rob Bell fans vs Piper / Taylor fans debate that is heating up Twitter and Blogs at the moment? It may be difficult to write satire superior to some of the satire tweets posted by Rob Bell fans concerning Calvinist Watchbloggers who condemn books as heretical almost a month before the book is published.

    Stephen Macasil and Steve Camp condemned Tim Keller’s book (The Prodigal God) almost two months before it was published. Stephen Macasil condemned “The Reason for God” by Tim Keller while admitting he didn’t have to read it to condemn it. I read both books and these books are excellent and loved by many Calvinist who disagree with both Stephen Macasil and Steve Camp about Tim Keller.

  6. centralityofthegospel says:

    you guys are so discerning and in tune with the real problem! Keep it up!


    • rzhblog says:

      Strange, I really think he means it without satire. What is Internet Christianity without satire? Sort of like a day without sunshine. James White has found more dirt on Ergun Caner. Real major dirt and Lane Chaplin is busy posting it in Twitter and sending it to @erguncaner. Check out @lanechaplin twitter timeline. Expect more Christian love being exchanged between the James White gang and the Ergun Caner gang on the Internet. I love it when the Baptist attack each other as it is great marketing for the Lutheran Church.

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