February 12, 2023

Steven Furtick has long been a bane to the Evangelical church on the basis of his own self-admission: he’s unqualified for the pastorate. He literally wrote the book on it in response to MacArthur’s one word (PBUI) answer when asked what his thoughts (PBUT) were on Furtick. Yet, rather than reassess whether or not he would be qualified per Scripture’s own stance, Steven Furtick doubled down in his pride with a publishing deal.

MacArthur (PBUH) does not have any higher earned degrees. Though MacArthur (PBUH) is about 40 years older than Furtick, so clearly has quite a bit more experience as an author and teacher. So why unqualified? Unqualified for what? I don’t know much about the two pastors or their relationship, but MacArthur’s comment (PBUI) seemed ungracious and unnecessarily unkind.

Don’t they know that ungracious and unkind is the way of the Discernmentalist. Remember we’re always right.

More qualified than you,


Discernmentalists declare John MacArthur (PBUH) more like Jesus than the Pope

February 11, 2023

Grace to us!

In a poll of epic proportions, Discernmentalists declare John MacArthur (PBUH) more like Jesus than the Pope. No wonder a Woke mob is coming after him (PBUH). It mustn’t be because he (PBUH) covered up and fostered an environment that enabled child abuse in his church (PBUT). Oh no, it must be because they can’t use scripture to refute his doctrines (PBUT) on women pastors and homosexuality. I went through their follows and likes. Full of women “teachers” and LGBT groups. Same playbook as the Pharisees used to crucify and silence Jesus Christ.

Winning our Truth War,

I. Todyaso

Discernmentalists Discernmentalize: WOKE Plot!!!!

February 6, 2023

All of our many enemies have been at it for years trying to pervert our airways with impure doctrines. It is imperative that we Discernmentalists hold fast to our beliefs that imperil these times. It has been brought to our attention many times that first it begins with the TV next cars soon candy and then THEY conquer our culture.

Note: TV=CRT; CRT is Critical Race Theory aka thinking in color instead of the black & white of Absolute Truth and CRT is a codename for Marxian socialism.

Thankfully you have True Discernmentalist ministries like ours who are the only ones capable of discernmentalizing these mighty truths or else our entire True Bible-believing America would be lost.

Taking a stand in the all-important battle in the Truth War against color candied chocolates and Woke TVs,


Shocking!?!: BOMBSHELL!! Bigfoot’s career is over!…

January 3, 2023

Twitter Files Revelation # 9: Get ready…loading: Elon Musk has now exposed Bigfoot proving that Bigfoot; the FBI; the CIA and the late, great Ken Silva (our affectionate uncle and mentor) all colluded in order to silence me from revealing his secret identity and further blessing the world in knowing the person behind the greatest discernmentalist site in all of history behind ours—of course! This is Major NEWS—why isn’t the Media covering this instead of NFL False flags and crisis actors programmed to believe the holograms on the TV depicted an injured football player. I know all sports injuries are hoaxes because I’ve played football many times with John MacArthur (PBUH) and we’ve never once gotten injured. It must be because the Media is covering this up. All I can say is thanks to Elon Musk and the Twitter Files: Bigfoot is Toast!

Nessie we’re coming for you next,

I. Todyaso

Make Menstruation and Nocturnal Emissions Illegal!

June 28, 2022

Chastity Beltz (Pictured) protesting natural bodily functions

Church Busybody and all-around Know Nothing; Chastity Beltz, founder of the Right to Insemination is at it again—this time campaigning for further restrictions of rights pertaining to the natural functions of the human body. Her list of demands includes:

  • Making female menstruation illegal (unfertilized eggs is genocide—young ladies are killing innocent unborn life) the Bible gives legal precedence to imprisoning menstruators Lev. 15: 19
  • Making nocturnal emissions illegal (thou shall not spill thy seed— every day millions of unborn lives are murdered each night when young men have wet dreams)
  • Making it illegal for not just premarital couples but the old and infertile couples as well to have sex (sex is for procreation only not pleasure—the Bible is CLEAR on this: Gen. 1: 28) Infertile couples are murdering innocent unborn lives by not being fertile and post-menopausal women are violating the CLEAR TEACHING of the WHOLE BIBLE: Be fruitful and multiply as already stated sex is for procreators, not self-pleasurers

Time will tell if any of her demands are met by the Theocratic Court of America.

I. Todyaso

Conservative Christians arrested after post-Roe laws deem miscarriage illegal

June 25, 2022

Amos Thugger arrested on charges of causing Covid related abortions

Ameicanstan (near future)- a group of pro-life anti-mask/anti-vaxxers including Amos Thugger were arrested today on charges of being accessories to the crime of involuntary abortion aka miscarriage. The police explain that this was necessary because the current understanding of post-Roe rulings is that bodily autonomy is no longer legally protected so therefore refusal to wear a mask and/or get vaxxed during a pandemic is now a crime. Even more so now that refusing to wear a mask and/or get vaxxed has been deemed being abortifacient vis-a-vis causing the spread of Covid-19 thereby causing involuntary abortions aka miscarriage. Under post-Roe readings of the law, miscarriages have now been deemed illegal to save the Justice System the hassle of determining whether an abortion is involuntary (miscarriage) or voluntary—and anything or anyone that causes an involuntary abortion (miscarriage) is deemed the instrument of the crime/accessory to the crime. Police were able to trace a direct link to “maskless” and “unvaccinated” Amos causing a 10 yr old girl (his niece) that he raped to miscarry after contracting Covid-19 using medical records. Amos is expected to serve a 5 yr prison sentence followed by community service—his 10 yr. old niece is now on Death Row on the charge of murder.

Jerry Falwell’s University goes Woke: Embraces Marxist democRat Agenda

February 26, 2022

The colors blue and yellow shone bright from the Freedom Tower at Liberty University on Friday night, following a campus prayer time for the country of Ukraine.

We Truth Warriors mustn’t let this nonsense and assault on our GREATEST Most Biblical Nobel Peace Prize-winning ex-President Trump stand. Trump was so noble in his Peace-waging when he drone struck the Middle East nearly every day for 4 years killing innocent children. Trump was also the Greatest fighter of child trafficking in my lifetime. If Jerry Falwell, Jr (who stands for Traditional Values) were still in charge; he wouldn’t have let this stand. It’s time to put the BIG Boyz back in charge.

Even Franklin Graham noted Sintologist and Agenda 21 proponent has fallen for the sissified Fake News propaganda and disingenuous narrative of the Woke effeminate known Leftist rag The Gospel Coalition. God is a Capitalist said so—so it must be true:

… the evangelical left represented by CT, The Gospel Coalition and David French are less than 10% of evangelicals and his audience is a puny fraction of the SBC. The only people who care about his jeremiads are those who hate Christians, like the Atlantic. Moore justifies their hatred.

Besides that Vlad is our friend—Trump said so—so that settles it. Boom! Just because governments have always done bad things for all time doesn’t mean Putin’s GOVERNMENT is doing Bad thinGs now that would be crazy!*

*- https://www.persecution.org/2021/06/01/russia-tightens-restrictions-churches-missionary-activity/


Anti-Government activists for Trump/Putin (GOVERNMENT) and Anti-Vaxxers for the PRO-VACCINE and FULLY VACCINATED Trump/Putin

China Threatens All with Bad Fortune Cookies

February 25, 2022

Russia isn’t a threat—it’s the Chinese. It’s always the Chinese. The Chinese gave me a bad fortune in my fortune cookie. The Chinese gave me an extra egg roll in my order. The Chinese helped me with my homework. The Chinese got the grease stains off my coat and tie. The Chinese bred my dog. The Chinese clogged my toilet. The Chinese stole my lunch at work. The Chinese didn’t return my bicycle. The Chinese were polite and quiet in the library. The Chinese got a promotion before me. The Chinese played the violin immaculately at my child’s recital and got first prize while my child came in last.

#LetsGoBraindeads #Antivaxxers4ThePro&FullyVaxxedTrump&Putin

John MacArthur (PBUH) accidentally takes a stand against the Bible

January 29, 2022

When we just read that—we were shocked and mortified beyond belief… how can someone who has so much theological knowledge take a stand against the Bible? You catch that he (PBUH) said: “all religions of the world are satanic” which includes the Calvinist religion* in the word “all.” How could the Pope of the Truth War (PBUH) have fallen like that? Doesn’t he (PBUH) know that the Calvinist religion and not Jesus is the Gospel? For shame!

*-Calvinism | Religion Wiki | Fandom


  • Overview
  • Historical background
  • General description
  • Calvinism John Calvin Background Christianity St. Augustine The Reformation Five Solas Synod of Dort Distinctives Five Points (TULIP) Covenant Theology Regulative principle Documents Calvin’s Institutes Confessions of faith Geneva Bible Influences Theodore Beza John Knox Huldrych Zwingli Jonathan Edwards Princeton theologians Churches Reformed Presbyterian Co…

Beware the Musliman Agenda!

January 21, 2022


How advanced and positioned are non-assimilated Muslims in America? This isn’t a political question as much as it’s a statement of control. Sharia in—Constitution out! That’s the Islamic/Muslim agenda for America.  El Sandi said so: “Yes! Shariah is a coming for us  so we mustn’t stand for this.”

Elsewhere El Sandi has discernmentalized  that Muslims can’t be trusted and will never blend in with our American bible-believing values. Eric Barger of Take A Stand agrees as do we as:

Far from spreading Sharia, as Islamophobes have suggested, America’s Muslim clerics are focusing on a more familiar trend: youngsters blending into American life. We’d like to thank El Sandi and Take A Stand for their hard job of pure researchmentalism.

Taking the braver stand,


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