The Anti-Christ is Using Floppy Disks to Take Over the World!!

June 13, 2021

Canada Planning Invasion Of US With China’s Help

June 12, 2021

We tried to warn you about the sinisterness of Canada and their socialistic sodomite-loving commie ways but you failed to heed our warnings to your own imperil. America is now doomed and will be lost under Canada’s canceling. Canada’s Critical Race troopers are now marching upon our borders spreading their critical theories of merrymaking and gay raciness.

Many of our very own Truthslayer’s kin were lost in the Degrassi Wars to bring us word of Canada’s horrifying plans:

AHA!!!! Never mind the Chinese. I always have known it was you Canadians the US has to worry about most, ever since Canada won the War of 1812!

“You got ‘em (PLA Troops) all over the coast, man, based outta Prince Rupert. A bunch of their military intel people work outta their consulate in town (Vancouver) and they can airlift the assault troops here in an hour, is what I been told.”— Truthfighter

Rallying the remaining of Truthslayer’s kin,

Don Jobson

The Case For Absolute Biblicalness

June 10, 2021

The Bible is CLEAR! Here is a list which proves this:

  • one can make a biblical case for just about anything. even amongst conservative theologians, there is widespread disagreement on many topics.
  • like all christians, you pick and choose what you deem ‘biblical’.
  • are the only people to make it to heaven those who have the right list of all the right ‘biblicals’, and only the right ‘biblicals’? (heaven will be lonely indeed!)
  • is there only one biblical / one right answer to everything? like a kind of death-defying ‘biblical’ gauntlet we’re required to run?
  • what happens if you have all the right answers, except for one ‘unbiblical’ one? is it that the sky will fall? is that God will suddenly be mad at you? is it that your name will be erased from the Lamb’s Book of Life?what’s the limit on ‘unbiblicals’ before one starts feeling the heat and smelling the sulfur of hell?
  • what would happen if you let this one go and welcomed women speakers in the same way you welcome men speakers and let your life be enriched by it all?
  • very curious. what would happen? (aside from being enriched, that is)

We would like to mightily thank Eric Barger and Take A Stand for helping us make the case.

Take A Stand,

Don Jobson and Truthslayer endorsed.

Olive Tree Ministries…thank goodness they are standing up for real apologetics!

June 9, 2021

ODMafia says THANK GOODNESS that Olive Tree Ministries is standing up for true apologetics. Jan Markell wrote An Open Letter to Pastor Rick Warren an amazing apologetic diatribe.

In said letter it was discerned  that this quote had came from the future–a future that had heeded  Jan’s warning:

Amen! This so-called “progressive Christian’ (?) movement; these so-called “Emergent” churches (?) – it’s all straight from the very pit of hell! Messengers of Satan! They form the bridge over which the world of corruption and immorality crosses over!!! And these timid, spineless souls that pretend to be “Christian SOLDIERS” when gathered together in their safe places … while staying silent in the public square while God’s Truths are viciously attacked: SHAME ON THE LOT OF YOU!

Thankfully we have Jan standing with us for real apologetics.
Standing on top of everyone else,

Santa Clause is Coming 4 Our Guns

May 18, 2021

Knockem Dehd Ed Dinges 25 March, 2021— Traditional god-fearing Americans believe in God and the power of God. Leftists believe in Santa Clause and magic.

Don’t pay attention to modern arguments that incorporate modern, pagan values to the complete ignoring of Scripture. God is NOT anti-gun. There is NO WAY make that argument without anachronism. Leftists have no knowledge of the god they espouse because he is a fantasy being just like the world they think they can create. It’s a fantasy world.

Standard operating procedure for the Religious Left: If a murder is committed by a right-winger, pull out the rhetoric card and blame conservatives in general. Extra credit if you blame talk-show hosts or Sarah Palin. If the murder is committed by a left-winger or by someone with no political leaning, then blame the gun and the NRA. If the murder is committed by a left-winger with a knife, ignore the crime altogether. More Leftist drivel from the ungodly. I will surrender my gun to the authorities … as soon as the criminals surrender theirs.

Why does everyone but us not trust God and live in fear?

Don Jobson

The Border Crisis is a hoax

May 16, 2021

The Border Crisis is a hoax and a False Flag boondoggle by Alex Jones to fleece taxpayers to fund Trump Casinos and his wall addiction. Where did you hear there was a “border crisis” from the smiling faces on TV who are all lying liars? This proves they lied and are trying to sell you a disingenuous and false narrative:

Several leading news outlets appear to have decided that this is Border Crisis Week

On Sunday, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas appeared on five different political talk shows to discuss the situation along the U.S.-Mexico border, a sign of how much elite journalists are focusing on the issue. NBC’s Chuck Todd, host of Meet the Presswarned on his program that it posed “a political crisis for the new president, with no easy way out,” while ABC’s This Week shipped its panel south to film in front of border fencing in Texas. On Monday, all three broadcast morning shows ran chyrons describing a border “crisis,”

You can’t believe what you see on tv. Do your own research and by that I mean read this: Six Reasons Establishment Media Fabricated a ‘Border Crisis’ (

Where did you hear there was such thing as “illegals”? From the fake news of the corrupt lying election stealing government—they’ve been doing it for years. Don’t believe what the government is trying to brainwash you into believing: Estimates of the Unauthorized Immigrant Population Residing in the United States | Homeland Security ( “People should do what they’re told—the government really has our best interests at heart”–wrong there is no such thing as an illegal immigrant because inalienable rights—-the constitution is to shield us from the government which created the myth of “illegals.”

I don’t care who dies from my actions—I’m so pro-life it kills because pro-life is pro-love. The Illegal Immigration Myth. Some say undocumented immigrants commit… | by Kevin Shay | Medium

I. Todyaso

The Lying, the Witch and the Discernmentalist

April 25, 2021


For all their talk of staying true to CW Lewis ODM Harm-ya novels, the filmmakers took liberties with Prince Fibbian that go far beyond those they took with The Lying, the Witch and the Discernmentalist. Still, it makes for decent entertainment.

If it lacks ODM’s message, maybe it will turn people on to the book which is where the real non-magic of absolute true lies. Still, the latest installment has some semblence of the ODM message of truth with Prince Fibbian speaking out of both sides of his mouth as he attempts to defend truth through any means possible since it has been proved to be weak, feeble and barely able to stand on its own two feet.


Slice of Laodicea (SoL) Notes America’s Spiritual Tower of Babel

April 22, 2021

SoL using the best DUMB technology that money can buy notes “What an unbelievable chaotic mess things are spiritually today. When the light of Christianity should be clear and strong in our land, it has been dimmed and in many cases put out, only adding to the spiritual confusion.” The Online Discernmentalists also do not want to confuse the good old days of America either with the Founding Fathers being Masons, Deists, Christians and Atheists. So we will ignore that part of history to make things fit so that we can look back at the golden age.

We at the Online Discernmentalist Mafia like other discernment ministries prefer a set narrative that confuses OUR facts with real life. We set the standard…you therefore need to submit to it.

 I have come full circle. There is a “New World Order” happening and there has been a lot of lies and deceit going around. It is very possible that Covid has been used to promote said New World Order!
I do think there are pedophiles in high up positions. Look at Bill Clinton and Kamela Harris talking for national women’s day???? What?!?! There is some evil shady stuff going on people. I don’t know about QAnon specifically, but I would not be surprised at all if there was a ring of high up pedophiles!

Stop elevating yourself above other Christians and start joining them in the Gulag. We need everyone! Accept your titles: homophobe, Bible Thumper, Jesus freak, racist, bigot, uneducated, paranoid, mentally ill, delusional, backwards, self-righteous, judgemental, sexist, toxic, priveleged, blah blah blah you know them all. They are just used to bully and neutralize TRUTH. The truth offends people!

The internet is run by people who hate God. We are being controlled.

My eyes are opened. The Gulags and concentration camps are being built.

Still fighting Truth,


JMac (PBUH) clarifies Views on MOTHRA!

April 22, 2021


““When women take over a culture, men become weak;” Pope of all Truth over the Truth War John MacArthur (PBUH) preached. “When men become weak, they can be conquered, when all the men have been slaughtered, you [women] can sit there with all your jewelry and junk. You’ve been conquered, because you overpowered your protector.”

Now we all know this is true as our Bible-Based SKIRTs have been keeping track of feminist doctrines ever since Mothra started sneaking in her Priestesses into our churches. We’ve learnt in studying these Mothra attacks that:

Mothra has always been a force for good, communicating with us puny humans through a telepathic link with two even punier beings, the foot-tall Shobijin, twin female fairies played in the original 1961 film by the Japanese pop duo the Peanuts. Unlike the capricious Godzilla, who goes from stomping Japan to bits in one movie to protecting it in another, Mothra is always a heroine, saving Japan from reptilian hotheads like Godzilla and protecting the cave-dwelling residents of Infant Island, who worship her as a goddess.

Sometimes she’s an egg, sometimes she’s a caterpillar, her life cycle repeated over and over, as the old Mothra “dies” and a new one hatches. “There’s even this theme of Christian imagery associated with her,” William Tsutsui, author of “Godzilla on My Mind: Fifty Years of the King of Monsters,” said.

Mothra herself has responded: “I did not surrender to a calling of man nor male kaiju when I was 18 years old. I surrendered to a calling of God. It never occurs to me for a second to not fulfill it. I will follow Jesus – and Jesus alone – all the way home. And I will see His beautiful face and proclaim, worthy is the Lamb!” Mothra further noted: “Here’s the beautiful thing about it & I mean this with absolute respect. You don’t have to let me serve you. That gets to be your choice. Whether or not I serve Jesus is not up to you. Whether I serve you certainly is. One way or the other, I esteem you as my sibling in Christ.”

Whataboutism 101: A New Old Course for Discernmentalists

August 29, 2020


Fresh from our presses we bring you a new course from the good old days. Learn how Whataboutism came about and how you can use this effective tool to up your Discernmentalism game. Soon you’ll be out-arguing the enemy tenfold. Increase your scorecard using these simple tactics—examples-

The lamestream media reports a hate crime:

  • What about black on black crime?
  • What about the racism toward white men?

A gay starts talking about his or her fears:

  • What about the persecution of straight white men?
  • What about your bigotry towards conservative Christian businesses?

Someone accuses Trump supporters of racism:

  • What about the Democrats? They’re the party of the KKK.
  • What about liberal blacks and Hollywood being racist towards straight white men?

Get it–got it good because we told you so.

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