Conservative Christians arrested after post-Roe laws deem miscarriage illegal

June 25, 2022

Amos Thugger arrested on charges of causing Covid related abortions

Ameicanstan (near future)- a group of pro-life anti-mask/anti-vaxxers including Amos Thugger were arrested today on charges of being accessories to the crime of involuntary abortion aka miscarriage. The police explain that this was necessary because the current understanding of post-Roe rulings is that bodily autonomy is no longer legally protected so therefore refusal to wear a mask and/or get vaxxed during a pandemic is now a crime. Even more so now that refusing to wear a mask and/or get vaxxed has been deemed being abortifacient vis-a-vis causing the spread of Covid-19 thereby causing involuntary abortions aka miscarriage. Under post-Roe readings of the law, miscarriages have now been deemed illegal to save the Justice System the hassle of determining whether an abortion is involuntary (miscarriage) or voluntary—and anything or anyone that causes an involuntary abortion (miscarriage) is deemed the instrument of the crime/accessory to the crime. Police were able to trace a direct link to “maskless” and “unvaccinated” Amos causing a 10 yr old girl (his niece) that he raped to miscarry after contracting Covid-19 using medical records. Amos is expected to serve a 5 yr prison sentence followed by community service—his 10 yr. old niece is now on Death Row on the charge of murder.

Jerry Falwell’s University goes Woke: Embraces Marxist democRat Agenda

February 26, 2022

The colors blue and yellow shone bright from the Freedom Tower at Liberty University on Friday night, following a campus prayer time for the country of Ukraine.

We Truth Warriors mustn’t let this nonsense and assault on our GREATEST Most Biblical Nobel Peace Prize-winning ex-President Trump stand. Trump was so noble in his Peace-waging when he drone struck the Middle East nearly every day for 4 years killing innocent children. Trump was also the Greatest fighter of child trafficking in my lifetime. If Jerry Falwell, Jr (who stands for Traditional Values) were still in charge; he wouldn’t have let this stand. It’s time to put the BIG Boyz back in charge.

Even Franklin Graham noted Sintologist and Agenda 21 proponent has fallen for the sissified Fake News propaganda and disingenuous narrative of the Woke effeminate known Leftist rag The Gospel Coalition. God is a Capitalist said so—so it must be true:

… the evangelical left represented by CT, The Gospel Coalition and David French are less than 10% of evangelicals and his audience is a puny fraction of the SBC. The only people who care about his jeremiads are those who hate Christians, like the Atlantic. Moore justifies their hatred.

Besides that Vlad is our friend—Trump said so—so that settles it. Boom! Just because governments have always done bad things for all time doesn’t mean Putin’s GOVERNMENT is doing Bad thinGs now that would be crazy!*



Anti-Government activists for Trump/Putin (GOVERNMENT) and Anti-Vaxxers for the PRO-VACCINE and FULLY VACCINATED Trump/Putin

China Threatens All with Bad Fortune Cookies

February 25, 2022

Russia isn’t a threat—it’s the Chinese. It’s always the Chinese. The Chinese gave me a bad fortune in my fortune cookie. The Chinese gave me an extra egg roll in my order. The Chinese helped me with my homework. The Chinese got the grease stains off my coat and tie. The Chinese bred my dog. The Chinese clogged my toilet. The Chinese stole my lunch at work. The Chinese didn’t return my bicycle. The Chinese were polite and quiet in the library. The Chinese got a promotion before me. The Chinese played the violin immaculately at my child’s recital and got first prize while my child came in last.

#LetsGoBraindeads #Antivaxxers4ThePro&FullyVaxxedTrump&Putin

John MacArthur (PBUH) accidentally takes a stand against the Bible

January 29, 2022

When we just read that—we were shocked and mortified beyond belief… how can someone who has so much theological knowledge take a stand against the Bible? You catch that he (PBUH) said: “all religions of the world are satanic” which includes the Calvinist religion* in the word “all.” How could the Pope of the Truth War (PBUH) have fallen like that? Doesn’t he (PBUH) know that the Calvinist religion and not Jesus is the Gospel? For shame!

*-Calvinism | Religion Wiki | Fandom

  • Overview
  • Historical background
  • General description
  • Calvinism John Calvin Background Christianity St. Augustine The Reformation Five Solas Synod of Dort Distinctives Five Points (TULIP) Covenant Theology Regulative principle Documents Calvin’s Institutes Confessions of faith Geneva Bible Influences Theodore Beza John Knox Huldrych Zwingli Jonathan Edwards Princeton theologians Churches Reformed Presbyterian Co…

Beware the Musliman Agenda!

January 21, 2022


How advanced and positioned are non-assimilated Muslims in America? This isn’t a political question as much as it’s a statement of control. Sharia in—Constitution out! That’s the Islamic/Muslim agenda for America.  El Sandi said so: “Yes! Shariah is a coming for us  so we mustn’t stand for this.”

Elsewhere El Sandi has discernmentalized  that Muslims can’t be trusted and will never blend in with our American bible-believing values. Eric Barger of Take A Stand agrees as do we as:

Far from spreading Sharia, as Islamophobes have suggested, America’s Muslim clerics are focusing on a more familiar trend: youngsters blending into American life. We’d like to thank El Sandi and Take A Stand for their hard job of pure researchmentalism.

Taking the braver stand,


The Gospel Coalition emerges as the Evangelical Left

January 11, 2022

Every time Moore publishes something I’m glad the SBC fired him. He’s right where he should be among the bitter evangelical left like CT that can’t forgive the 90% of evangelicals who reject his socialism.

Moore will become more bitter as he realizes that the evangelical left represented by CT, The Gospel Coalition and David French are less than 10% of evangelicals and his audience is a puny fraction of the SBC. The only people who care about his jeremiads are those who hate Christians, like the Atlantic. Moore justifies their hatred.

—Roger “My capitalism is God” McKinney

Silly me and here I thought the evangelical left were folks like Jim Wallis and Sojourners. And now I learn that no, the evangelical left includes everyone to the left of Hagee or Jeffries or Copeland. And we know they are Leftists because: …they go to leftwing, Christian hostile outlets like MSNBC, CNN, Washington Post, etc, regularly. French writes for the Atlantic sadly enough! Does it make more sense that they are sincerely seeking to correct wayward Christians with the purpose of bringing them back into the fold or are there ulterior motives for going to these outlets with their ‘jeremiads’ which seems only to reinforce what the viewers of those outlets want to hear- anti Christian rhetoric.

I may disagree slightly that I think there still remains a select few at CT, TGC that haven’t completely capitulated to the spirit of the age, but I think their time there is probably quickly coming to an end. And when that happens then I think they will have lost all credibility, but until that happens I hold out hope. It makes me wonder if French or Moore get paid to appear on anti-Christian media?

Thankfully our great Man of God (who defied Covid protocols and let the virus spread because pro-life is pro-love)—the Pope of all Truth John MacArthur (PBUH) would never appear on any leftwing, Christian outlet like MSNBC, CNN, Washington Post, etc, regularly.*

Standing right with the right-wing of Christian friendly outlets,



911 Calls An Inside Job: Conspiracists say…..

September 11, 2021

Dial 911 an Inside Job top Discernmentalists say. Our Research Robot Monkeys have discerned that most 911 calls happen inside a building. 1-2 do the math….boogaloo. Conspiracy confirmed. It was observed that these calls sometimes contain strange behaviors…proof of something sinister going on. Boom conspiracy reconfirmed by confirming it without any proof whatsoever.

Keep spreading the woo,

Don Jobson

A Day In The Life Of A Discernmentalist: Dr. Itodyaso’s New Autobiography

September 2, 2021

Only $39.95. Available now from fine Discernmentalist Bookstores everywhere. Act now and get a free set of steak knives and for an additional $10 Truthslayer will throw in a tin foil hat as a bonus gift to you!!!! Limited quantities of tin foil hats available—-limit 3 per customer—order soon before they’re gone.

The American Revolution was a Fraud and False Flag

September 2, 2021

“The cause of the American Revolution was the issue of taxation without representation.”—typical brainwashed Sheep.

I never knew facts were democratic. People should believe what they’re told—the Goobermint and corporations really have our best interests at heart and rally loove us. (Trump Goberment Corp 2022) You can’t believe what the goobermint-corporate bought and paid Texas-books are trying to sell us. The Colonists really had Real Freedom under the British with represented taxation. They voted for these representatives too. Can you say Parliament? The Colonies were a Republic of States Rights; a Pure Capitalist utopia and paradise aka Freedom before the fraudulent American Communist Revolution ruined it.

The Revolution was a False Flag created by the CIA with Haliburton and Dr. Fauci’s help in order to invent mandatory vaccines (socialist tyranny) for profit and to control people as slave puppets of the New World Order. The CIA using quantum time machines made by Google and other monopoly holders went back to the Colonial era in order to install the Fascist tyrant and dictator George Washington as leader of the American “pinko” Revolution of enforced vax insanity.

“Finding the smallpox to be spreading much and fearing that no precaution can prevent it from running thro’ the whole of our Army, I have determined that the Troops shall be inoculated. This Expedient may be attended with some inconveniences and some disadvantages, but yet I trust, in its consequences will have the most happy effects.”—George “Marxist-Globalist” Washington

Source: Global Elitist Science Cabal

I wish people would do their own research and see what’s really going on. Just now our friend Truthslayer was attacked by Antiva trying to tickle him into silence with a Tickle-Me Elmo Doll. We’ve had to hide one of our own because the Deep State is against us. Please support us and our Crusade for Free Tinfoil Hats. Act now and type the code: HORSEMANURE on MyHorseDewormer and receive up to 66% off all horse dewormers and horse laxatives and Truthslayer will throw in a tinfoil hat absolutely free.

In horse pills I TRUST,


America’s Discernmentalist Idol

September 1, 2021

After years of competing, Eric Barger’s Take a Stand Ministries, Slice of Laodicea, Christian Research Network  and Apprising Ministries are now down to the wire. In the next series of events that you will see broadcast on live TV are the following discernmentalist skills:

1)     Carefully skilled judgmentalism, disguised as discernment

2)      Self-righteous indignation, cloaked as safe guarding God’s fragile truth

3)      Name calling because it is fun and makes us feel good.

4) Capitalist apologetics:

“I offer an alternative to Haweraus’ socialism in my book “God is a Capitalist: Markets from Moses to Marx.” It’s available at Amazon. I respond to many of Haweraus’ straw men arguments against capitalism and show the histories of capitalism and socialism. Capitalism came from the Godly theologians at the University of Salamanca, Spain in the 16th century who based their economic principles on the Bible. Socialism came from French atheists in the early 19th century. Marx came later, but he was also an atheist who let at least one child starve to death because he was so lazy. The founders of socialism intended it as an anti-Christian system for saving mankind.”—Koger McRinney

The finalist contestants will be judged next week! Stay tuned!

If you aren’t worshipping Mammon then who are you worshipping?,


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