We Are the Online Discernment Mafia!


God’s truth is so fragile we must take a stand in God’s sovereignty to protect it. If we do not, the perverts and sickos of this world will destroy the church. Are you tired of those wimpy so called Online Discernment Ministries? We are and we want to stand up and protect our God and His Truth…Truth is so fragile and if we do not make a stand in the sovereignty of God, the Church might be lost to the sickos and perverts out there who are invading it! We know who and what they are. They are in our pews. They are on your TV. They are corrupting the most godly of things, the Internet!

 This blog is about protecting the truth of God that is so fragile.

What we promise.

To expose all to God’s wrath.

To preach that Jesus is coming back and He is so angry with sinners!

Hell is a real “place”.

If you do not hold to true doctrine then you will be blotted from the Lamb’s Book of Life forever!

Spread the gospel of Spurgeon and John MacArthur (the only truth living teacher of God’s word) to all the world.

 We are tired of emergents, RCC wannabes, Rich Warren, Rob Bell, Beth Moore, Brian McLaren, Doug Pagget, Tony Jones, sinners in general who are not worthy of our God, and anyone that sounds like or acts like any of these apostates.

My credentials are that I studied at the feet of Walter Martin. Yes, I bought some tapes and books and even own a copy of Kingdom of the Cults. I also listened to Ken Silva on the Mike Corely Show when I received my special “just know this Truth“* anointing. With these tools I will wade through the mire of pseudo religious intellect and speak OUR true Doctrines that save Us to all. For, I am God’s anointed Pastor/Teacher to the Internet Congregation.

Peace and Grace from our God to you,

I. Todyaso

*”The Lord would have you know that this generation we are now living in is no time to be “playing” at Christianity. The spirit of this age is one that is quite aggressively hostile to the historic orthodox Christian faith. To the discerning among us it would appear that Christ is beginning to call His remnant to Himself. And…if you are in tune with the Spirit, somehow you will just know this truth.” The Truth Warrior Extraordinaire Ken Silva

8 Responses to We Are the Online Discernment Mafia!

  1. Ken Silva says:

    ” Doug Pagget”

    It’s spelled Pagitt. 🙂


  2. itodyaso says:

    You must not be the real Ken Silva as if it was you would not care how I was spelling that apostate heretic’s name as he will roast in his Universalist hell for ever and ever amen to the Glory of our God that hates all mankind and to his Sovereign truth we must all protect from the pagans that might destroy the true remnant of the true church of that God which is!

    Try it again you lying faker and I will make sure your comments are placed somewhere even Chris Pajak will not find it. You are a fake, as Ken is much better of a lair than you are here!*

    Glorifying God for his mercy,

    I. Todyaso

    * My lawyers wanted me to add that this is just my “opinion”.


  3. nick says:

    The idea of hell and punishment after death is illogical. the point of pain, which hell seams to deal with alot, it to teach a lesson . Its basically your body saying that nervous input it is recieving is hazardous or unhealthy. But when your dead, there is no point in being sent to hell. If pain used to repremand, then what is being repremanded. its not like the people are going to be released back into life. Its like teaching a pointless and neverending lesson. its like teaching children to do math in a class they will be in their whole life and never be able to use their knowledge of math.


  4. itodyaso says:


    Then you have not read that we are resurrected and judged, then cast into hell? It is not that we just die and are punished, It is allotted that man die then the judgement, yet if you understand all are resurrected and judged by what they have done with their lives. Hell is the punishment one gets for rejecting Life. It is eternal death, the second death.

    Now at risk of sounding emergent, the “hell” that exists now is cast into the Lake of Fire. These are two separate things…. the Lake of Fire is the eternal judgment which is eternal being separated from God.

    I do not know what horrors await there. But it is not GOd’s choice but ours that keeps us from going there.

    So as far as “being dead” you will not be, but still will experience “hell” with a body that is no longer touched by death, but apparently can feel great pain and torment.

    I. Todyaso


  5. nick says:

    But this still supports my theory of it being illogical. Pain is a lesson. I will attempt to put it metaphorically with true meanings in parenthesis. Think about it.

    Lets say you have a dog(Sinner). This dog barks constantly(The sin).

    You yell at the dog to be quiet every time. (the warning as is given by the catholic church about sinning and hell).

    You finally get an electric shock collar for the dog(the shock collar representing hell and getting it representing death)

    You then shock the dog once it barks again.(representing the pain of hell)

    The dog eventually learns it lesson: that barking brings pain(punishment). And it stops barking. But if you kept shocking the dog over and over forever when it stops barking, then what was the point in getting the electric collar(going to hell)? to be sadistic? so what my point is, what is the point of punishment if there is no lesson to be learned? now, if they were to be punished durring life (with aa painfull incident such as a fall or car crash) the ptemporary pain could teach them a lesson.


  6. itodyaso says:


    I would just shoot the dog and it would put you out of my misery.

    I. Todyaso


  7. nick says:

    Exactly my point. The pain serves no purpose so just rid yourself (and the world) of the problem and be done with it.


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