How dare those people call themselves “Christian”!


I came across this comment from Ken Silva at the heretic Joe Martino’s blog. Ken sets that so called “Christian” straight as to whether Joe is a “real” Christian. I mean, come on Joe! If you were a “real” Christian, you would be able to understand Ken as he states:


“…and then I sit here and wonder why people have such a bad taste of “Christianity” in there mouths, or want nothing to do with it completely. Why put your faith and life into something where people can’t even figure out what and who is right and wrong, or what to believe. If you have problems, drop it or man up and try dealing with that person personally and deal with the issues, don’t just sit there mouthing off on your blog (do it privately). Sitting there bad mouthing on one’s website and ripping them apart, etc. proves nothing other than a lack of maturity and slanderous speaking towards an assumed brother or sister in Christ. I’m not taking sides, I’m not voicing my opinion other than this one. Its just makes me sick in my stomach and enrages my disgust towards your self proclaimed christianity. You’d never know you were in love with the same thing…just blows my mind.”


Yes, Joe, how dare you state you have a relationship with Jesus! What would Jesus want with a sinner like you. To bad you are dead in your sins otherwise you could repent and be saved like me and Ken. Notice that Ken so subtly puts your “christianity” in the lower case, unlike ours in the Upper case? Get it Joe? God has given us special “favor” in our ministry against those who think and trust God protects them with Truth.

 It is time to stand up and take a stand and protect our God and His truth from people like this who are destroying the American Church berfore our eyes!

Just representin’ dude!

I. Todyaso


6 Responses to How dare those people call themselves “Christian”!

  1. itodyaso says:

    Then I am doing the will of God!

    Sinner… to bad you are dead in your sins and can’t repent like me!

    All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ,

    I. Todyaso


  2. Mike says:

    Are you freakin’ serious? Is this for real Joe?


  3. itodyaso says:


    I seem to be stating this over and over to people like you.

    We are to be taken as serious as Christian Research Network or Slice of Laodicea blogs. If you are a true warrior and are protecting our Sovereign God and His Truth by the Truth of out Doctrines, Then you must take us serious.

    If you are a heretic bound for a hell you think does not exist, the you need to take us even more serious and beg to Our God that you also may be of the Elect and get regenerated before you are saved and then you can repent daily like us and judge and condemn other while preaching the Wrath and condemnation of Our God who hates sinners.

    Who is he that condemns? Christ Jesus,
    I Todyaso


  4. Ken Silva says:


    Only one problem with your your superior research and your hit piece here. That’s not my comment. Mine’s the one above it.


  5. itodyaso says:

    First off I am not sure who you are addressing sir and secondly, my “research” is superior to Ken Silva as the student has surpassed his master.

    If you want to be “Ken Silva” which we know you are not, you would realize that like Ken Silva (the real one) I never make mistakes nor lower myself to apologize IF I ever did. Yet, since I never make mistakes like Ken never does I never need apologize let alone repent.

    So, instead of calling me names and lying as to who you really are you would realize that the quote above is possibly the best quote Ken Silva ever stated in his life. It has his anointed teacher/pastor/mega Internet congregation style and he (the real Ken Silva) would proudly acknowledge the quote as his and not deny it as being someone like Chris or whoever else was commenting on Joe’s horrible non salvic blog.

    So, my advise is to grow up and stop sitting down while you pee and stop lying about real men like Ken Silva. (the awesome real One)

    Also, and most importantly, someone as great as Ken Silva would not be so obsessed with an “iggy” that he would stalk him on the Internet and go around correcting him on such minor and trivial issues when the real Ken Silva would be so obviously busy growing his Mega Internet Congregation and writing missives and posting great posts on CRN. The real Ken Silva is not that petty and small of a man to worry about some ‘iggy”.

    I. Todyaso


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