Ken Silva Threatens to Sew Me!


Ken Silva Says:
February 10, 2008 at 8:03 am  

U sew phunnie. 8^) 


Yes that is what Ken Silva said to me over my last “MASSIVE”.

(Maybe because I write better than him?) I was going to respond privately, but instead decided that I did not have his email address and could not find a way to contact him, I would just go public with it right away.

Dear Ken,

I am sorry that I have offended you to the point that my discernmentalist powers are so much greater than yours that you feel the need to sew me. I hope that this is not something that will begin to become a pattern with you. I hope we can stitch things up with out resorting to drastic measures like sewing each other. BTW how did the Proctor/Ingrid break up settle?  

Now, Ken what I am really worried about is that if we let compromisers like some who use potty language (I have read a few comments by Chris Pajak where he tells people mean things and one he tells people to stick things in places that might not let plants grow).

Now that sort of thing is OK when we all get together at the Discerners regionals and we are behind closed doors smoking our Spurgeons and drinking Lutherite beer from our Steins, but if someone is out and about trying to convince others that we are more holy and righteous than them, we need to not go all Driscoll on people and use such potty mouth language. I hope we can patch things up and you decide not to sew me, but if you do, I do have a few socks to damn, errr I mean darn. 

I. Todyaso  

2 Responses to Ken Silva Threatens to Sew Me!

  1. […] Even the late Ken Silva wasn’t as despicably deplorable as them—as even he had a sense of humor. We henceforth shall never read or link to their site again for the sanity of others and a true […]


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