Why Shane Claiborne is not saved.


Here are the facts as to why Shane Claiborne is not saved.

 1. I said so.

2. Ken Silva said so and also said Shane is a liar.

3. Ingrid of Slice of Laodicea said so.

4. Shane hung around Mother Theresa who we know was RCC and had written that she had doubts and we know that anyone who is RCC and had doubts cannot be saved.

5. Did you look at that picture? He does not look like he is saved to me!

Now, we know that Shane can blame it on bloggers for the Conservative Cedarville University telling him to take his “red” (as in commie) letter bible and go home to his emergent village and sit in front of his guru Tony Jones and Brian McClaren and smoke more doobie from their emergent hookahs.

 I hope that is enough proof to show that Shane Claiborne who likes to go to other countries (like Iraq) and “minister” is really not saved and is going to his Universalist hell in a hemp weaved handbag.

Surely, goodness and kindness will follow me all the days of my life, 

 I. Todyaso


32 Responses to Why Shane Claiborne is not saved.

  1. nator says:

    I just have to say amen to that. If you have any facial hair that isn’t a full beard or mustache then you can’t be saved. Also Dreadlocks are from the devil. So put that in your “peace” pipe and smokel it.


    • Laura says:

      “Deadlocks are from the devil.”?! Which verse in the Bible says that?? 😛


      • Laura says:

        i dont know how you dont see that dreadlocks are from the devil … let me spell it out for you as clearly as i can…. Dreadlocks and Devil both start with the same letter, that makes it clear they are from the same place …


  2. itodyaso says:


    May God continue to show you the purity that comes from those of us who follow The Way of the Master and His Truth war ways.

    Maybe you to will get the calling to be a Online Discernmentalist like my anointed self in all my righteous selfness.


  3. David Muller says:

    Mr Todyaso,

    Can you help me? I keep a five o’clock shadow full face beard on occasion. Is that evil?


  4. nator says:

    I will do my best. I will sit at your feet to learn the ways of sending people who we don’t like to…I just can’t say it yet. I need more training!


  5. David Muller says:

    I have another question. When is it right and wrong to use a computer?


  6. David says:

    Wow you people are really empty, sad and shallow. All Shane Clairborne is doing is showing the love of Jesus. Do u really think Jesus would be wasting his time on making a terrible website like this to drag people down? No of course not Jesus was out to help the people which is what Shaine is doing…… Shame on you people!! How dare you insult such a committed follower of Jesus


  7. A committed follower of Jesus wouldn’t wear his hair in Dreads! It would be nice and neat, just like Jesus had his. Haven’t you seen the pictures of Jesus? I’m sure Shane has and look at the contempt on his face!


    • Laura says:

      “pictures of Jesus”…… Uhhhh, since when were there camera’s in the days of Jesus?? Also, How many verses talk about the fact that outward apearance is nothing in the eyes of God?!?!!


  8. itodyaso says:


    We are empty of the world but full of OUR holy Doctrines that can save you also (if you are Elect like we are).

    If we continue to accept people like Shane Claiborne going around preaching about “helping people” and “loving people unconditionally” which we all know is code in the emerging church for “communists against capitalism” we will lose this Truth War we rage for OUR angry God we serve.

    I. Todyaso

    It might be known that Shane Claiborne spent much time in India and Iraq so he may not even be saved (unless he was in Iraq serving This great Christian Nation!)


  9. struggle4laodicea says:


    IT is right. We should be very concerned about people who look like Mr Claiborne. It is obvious to everyone that he is not even remotely saved. David, I’m sorry you cannot see this. Haven’t we been told a thousand times, by a thousand celebrities, that looks are everything? Thank you IT for pointing out the obvious truth about this dangerous, dangerous heretic with long hippy hair.


    PS–I shaved my chin hair off. Can I be absolved now? Are there any rules about wearing t-shirts with Scripture printed on them?


    • Helen says:

      OMG – you all are cracking me up! Hahahahaha!

      Folks who are unsure…This is parody at it’s finest…Read the clear disclaimer to the very right of the photograph of Shane with the header “Dude! This is a satire site!”.


  10. Blake says:

    Alright, I am about 99.9% sure that this post is a complete joke… but given the state of American Christianity these days, I can’t help but have a tiny voice in the back of my mind that says you are being completely serious.


  11. Allen says:

    Are you serious? Saying this man is not saved because of the way he looks? Shane Claiborne takes the Gospel to places that most people refuse to go to. Tell me this itodyaso, would you be willing to go live with the homeless in order to share Christ with them? I’m glad you’re taking judgment into your own hands. So much for trusting God with this one. I’m praying for you.


  12. Alex E says:

    Wow, I hope this is a joke. I have just one thing to say. Read your Bible.

    Jesus was probably the most inclusive person that at that time had ever walked the earth. And I never could imagine in my wildest dreams Jesus saying, “Repent and trim your beard, and if you don’t you will surely perish in the fires of Hell.”


  13. reformedpilgrim says:

    This is quite obviously a joke and is taking a stab at all the online bloggers who live with their momma’s and call people unsaved heretics for the most ridiculous reasons. I think the whole idea of “Ken Silva said so” quite evidently is getting at how so many on the web listen to everything Ken Silva says as if it were Holy Scripture itself. Right or wrong?


  14. mountainguy says:

    hahahaha. Thanks God this is satire. As someone who identifies a lot with guys like Claiborne, this post really made me laugh. Saludos desde Colombia.


  15. […] This is one of the Emergent leaders Shane Claiborne.  I have written extensively on him in my well researched massive called Why Shane Claiborne is not saved. […]


  16. Where Is The Love? says:

    Let me get this straight… facial hair is going to send Shane to hell? What about the Amish? Are they all going to hell? What if I’m not meticulously shaved on the date of my death? Will I then go to hell? I’m not sure where it is that Jesus says that Heaven belongs to the clean-shaven, but if you’d like to point out your source, Mr. Todyaso, I’d certainly be willing to listen. I simply can’t accept your opinions on the subject after your appearance-based discrimination.


  17. itodyaso says:

    Where is the love?

    Maybe this post will clear up your slanderous lies against me!

    Mr Todyaso Can you Help me?

    And maybe if you actually read the bible instead of thinking your emerging beard will save you, you might know the truth as WE understand it.

    I. Todyaso


  18. truthslayer says:

    We must come against Emerging Beards…or any hair that is out of place – apostate hair be gone!!!


  19. Truth Bearer Elect says:

    How long have I been with you and know you not that your heart should be clean and as your face without a beard to enter the kingdom of heaven prepared before of our Father?

    In your laws you say many things as to what makes a man’s face clean shaven on the outside.

    But isn’t it only the reflection of the unshaven and uncircumcised heart within?

    For out of the heart proceeds all the works of the flesh: strife, envy, murder, lust, hatred and every form of abomination.

    Therefore it is the unshaven heart which is reflected in the glory of the uncircumcised bearded face.

    If the works and signs were done in that sinful city of Las Vegas that were done in your city,
    they would have repented a long time ago.

    How is it you can predict the emerging trends of the blogosphere but can not tell the signs of the times?

    All who wear such offensive beards as this Shane Claiborne shall in no wise enter into the kingdom prepared for those who love God.

    It is an offense to me. Be away with you satan.

    By the time you have had the chance to shave 3 times
    tomorrow, you will have denied the truth you’ve read here and allowed your beard of sin to grow with the smugness on your face thinking you are somehow “cool”
    with your blogs.


  20. repent says:

    god bless the OP. obviously shane will burn in hell. it’s the duty of all god-loving people to make sure people bound for hell also enjoy hell on earth.

    god bless america land of the free only true democracy in the world.


  21. wowyour worng says:

    wow all i can say is shane is not the one who will be burning this man is truly walking in the love of christ and showing the same love christ did as far as his apperence ummmmmmm do we forget jesus was homeless!!!!!!! birds have nest fox have holes and son of man has no where to lay his head! im pretty sure there were no bic or gellet razors in those days!!!! not to mention he walked the desert wearing the same garb for months if not years at a time!!!!!! such a shallow belif of god u have im sure glad my god is bigger than that!! o and its the intentions of shanes heart that will allow him to sit witht he father at the dinner table not his beard or dreads!!!! hows ur heart look?????


  22. cooperflatofffilms says:

    Dude, simply put and simply from scripture, we are not to judge. You have no right saying that anyone is saved or not. God is the judge, not us.


    • Our superior discernmentalist power as “those who are on God’s side” help us to ascertain to elect status of mortal men such as those who have beards. Oh…… wait….. I feel slight stubble on my face! I will be back after shaving to purify and purge my heart from the hairy sin of beardom. In the mean time read the top right corner of the page for enlightenment on how to discern who are TRULY the elect!!!! Repent!!!!


  23. Claire says:

    You’re kidding right??? HAHAHAHAHAHA. That’s kinda funny. His book is amazing. If you haven’t read it (them) you should check it out.


  24. cooperflatoffilms: Our superior discernmentalist power as “those who are on God’s side” help us to ascertain to elect status of mortal men such as those who have beards. Oh…… wait….. I feel slight stubble on my face! I will be back after shaving to purify and purge my heart from the hairy sin of beardom. In the mean time read the top right corner of the page for enlightenment on how to discern who are TRULY the elect!!!! Repent!!!!


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