Rick Warren gets Cavity, goes to Worldly Dentist…

February 17, 2008


Discernmentalist News –

Rick Warren pastor of the mega church Saddleback was seen at a worldly dentist. He claimed that he had a cavity and was looking for a “purpose driven” dentist, yet seemed in pain as he entered a well known none “Christian” dentist. Rick was asked later why he chose to go there and he commented,  “It is not the fit and flourishing who need the doctor, but those who are ill! Suppose you go away and learn what this means” from the Phillips translation. Pastor/Teacher/Editor/General/Sergeant in Arms/Mega Internet Church Leader/guru/demigod/semi-Pelasgian/Exalted Discernmentalist, Ken Silva stated, “To the discerning among us it would appear that Christ is beginning to call His remnant to Himself. And…if you are in tune with the Spirit, somehow you will just know this truth.”


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