Looky At Me “Christianity”: Half Million of “elitist” Christians fast to show their superiority over non fasting Christians!

February 24, 2008


Result of “look at me” empathy based Christian faith. Notice no Gospel there?

CRN has a great post about those so called elitist Christians Bob Dewaay wrote about in his post: How Pietism Deceives Christians  of course it is all about this article at the Christian Post:

Some 500,000 American teens are joining a 30-hour nationwide “famine” to raise money to fight hunger around the world starting at noon Friday.

Teens will fast for 30 hours to get a real taste of hunger that millions of children and families around the world experience each day. Participants aim to raise more than $12 million this year through World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine.

“In 2005 I did my first 30 hour famine. It was an amazing experience…to feel what these kids feel every day and to learn about what they go through to survive is so amazing,” said one participant named Jessie…


Now that is all we need! How dare these so called “Christians learn empathy by passing up a meal for 30 hours. And then raise millions to feed people in Africa? Good grief they don’t need food, they need the Gospel.  I mean they most probably have AIDS and are dying anyway. The Gospel is what they need and that will fix all their problems. If they reject it then they deserve the wrath and anger of our most Wrathful and Angry God!

Someone needs to give real guidance to these kids and get these kids picketing an abortion clinic or gay pride parade or a U2 Concert!  That is how the REAL GOSPEL is to be given; with lots of hell fire and damnation!

 As the Good Book says, “Not everyone who says to me, `Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven,

I. Todyaso

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