Interview with a vampire (heretic)


The good people over at CRN have done it again!  Just when I thought they had exhausted their sizable reach, they turn up yet another article about Brian McLaren (heretic).  How do they do it?  Their staff must consist of literally tens of people searching through news journals, newspapers and the internet to find stories that mean something to me.  Well done CRN!

Now on to the article.  If you take the time to read it, and I mean with the discernmentalist eye, you will find heretical remarks all through Brian McLaren’s (heretic) comments.  First he says that Jesus would use a Blackberry?  Are you kidding me?  Jesus is God and God doesn’t need a puny electronic device to remember what he is going to do.  So Brian McLaren (heretic) is mocking our Lord.  Also, he says that Jesus would be concerned with the planet and homeless people.  As John MacArthur points out,

 “That salt and light are not moral influence, but gospel witness and the power of holy living. They always say well, we have to be salt and light, we have to be salt and light, have to be salt and light. Well, the imagery of Jesus in the sermon on the mount with regard to salt and light is the image of the shining forth of truth. That’s the light. And the preservative of godly living. We are light when we proclaim the light, and manifest our good works. That’s what He says. And glorify our Father who is in heaven. And we are salt when we are a preservative, because of the virtue and the godliness of our lives.”

In another place John MacArthur states it this way;

“He (Jesus) did not seek social change.”

 To quote C. H. Spurgeon Himself;

“Well, it is the tendency of the times to decry preaching, but it is “the foolishness of preaching” which is to change the world.”

 In Other words Jesus didn’t come to change the world or to worry about the homeless (paraphrase is mine).  So how can Brian McLaren (heretic) sit there and tell us to take care of the homeless.  Not only that, but he contradicts his whole emerging thought process by saying he wouldn’t give someone money, just talk to him and love him.  I thought you cared for the homeless Brian!

I will wrap this up with my views.  It is up to Ken Silva to keep this heretic’s schedule in the forefront of our minds.  I personally don’t want to go to a bookstore and run into him.  That would make me feel dirty.  And all you who know the TRUTH know that Brian McLaren (heretic) is a heretic and so he is not allowed to say anything about Jesus.  As CRN rightly points out, “he probably doesn’t even know the Lord.”  And how could you when you are more worried about the planet, the homeless, poverty, world peace and religious understanding, then pointing out other people’s sins?  This is a no-brainer people! 

I am glad God didn’t make me like them!

Dr. Seymore Spurgeon

6 Responses to Interview with a vampire (heretic)

  1. Jeromy says:

    Thank you for sharing your opinion. What do you suggest we do with Brian and other “heretics”? If it were legal, would you advocate what the church has traditionally done to “heretics”? Just trying to get a feeling of how far we—as a church—are willing to go with “heretics”.


  2. itodyaso says:


    We at the Discernmentalist Mafia hold to the traditions of the Great Reformers who, just as we are, were raised up by God Himself to stand against the man made traditions of the RCC church which had no Christians in it after Augustine (maybe Aquinas but we here have some doubts in that).

    So in the tradition of those men The Great Reformers such as Calvin, we officially state that “Burning at the stake is to painful a punishment” but look at other ways to punish. Such as drowning, or impalement, or disembowelment or being torn asunder by beasts. Now not all of us agree on this as I hold to the point that though Calvin voiced that “Burning at the stake is too painful a punishment” we need hold to all the traditions and still burn the heretics at the stake and do nothing to stop it, though still give voice against it. Remember we need to have our orthopraxy agree with our orthodoxy.

    God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect,

    I. Todyaso


  3. Jeromy says:



  4. seymorespurgeon says:

    While I concur with my esteemed colleague on most matters, I must disagree with him on this. I believe we should have a good ol’ fashioned inquistition! That is the only way to presserve the fragile Word of God, that has been given to us to protect!


  5. seymorespurgeon says:

    That is way too much information and I just really don’t care. God has given me great discernmentalist abilities so I don’t need any useless information like history messing me up. All I can think is that they deserved it! Heretics.

    Once again I point to the wonderful example of Ken Silva, Ingrid, John Macarthur, and the Pyromaniacs who continue to lead the way by their wonderful example, showing the love of Christ to all who believe like us.

    I am because God made me perfect.

    Dr. Seymore Spurgeon


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