Thoughts on the Truly Elect

February 16, 2008


 Thank God I am not like those sinners!

God is Love,

I. Todyaso

More Questions than most can handle.

February 13, 2008


A picture of what people need to do instead of looking at

Again another question for my discernmenalist gift from God to discern.

David Pullet (name change to protect David Mullers identity) Says:
February 13, 2008 at 9:02 pm   

I have another question. When is it right and wrong to use a computer?


God just told me that you are spending too much time at some You need to be free of xxx sites as they are offensive and not of God. I hear they hang with porn-star puppets there and do not listen to the rebukes of truly Godly men like the editor at Slice of Laodicea.

If you need help be sure that people of the Way of the Master have books you can buy and people that will pray for you and send you on your way as they say, “Be at peace.”

You do not need counseling, but need to spend more time looking at sites like this one, or Aperising ministries, or SoL were you can read and feel guilty of sin and condemned but push that away deep down inside in righteous indignation as you see others much worse than yourself. In that you see people who are worse than you as we deem, then you will feel edified that by the Grace of God you are not like that “sinner” and can show a face of Joy rather than what is really going on in the inside. Remember, as you grow in your righteousness, it will be easier to push down those guilty feelings and focus your anger about yourself on others in the Name of Jesus.

I hope that helps you in your problems.

My honesty will testify for me in the future,

I. Todyaso

Mr Todyaso Can you Help me?

February 13, 2008

I get asked questions all the time because of my keen gift of decernmentalism. Often I am amazed that I do not know the answer but have the supernatural ability to come up with one.  Recently a person (whom I hid the identity of so I will not embarrass them) asked this question.


David Mullett Says:
February 13, 2008 at 4:16 pm 

Mr Todyaso,

Can you help me? I keep a five o’clock shadow full face beard on occasion. Is that evil?



We all know God has a beard. So i assure you that as far as a beard you are fine. Every movie I have seen Jesus in, He also had a beard, blues eyes and light skin and dark hair.

If Jesus and God had beards, I think again that we can as we were made in God’s image and look just like Him.

 Often when I look in the mirror and see my fat belly and sagging pecks I take comfort in knowing that God is older so his belly must be fatter and His pecks more saggy.


Now, we need be careful as to what type of beard we grow.


Take this one for instance.


This is one of the Emergent leaders Shane Claiborne.  I have written extensively on him in my well researched massive called Why Shane Claiborne is not saved.


Notice how he looks like this guy?


 Scary huh?

There are many good beards out there that we can choose from, yet again we must make sure we are not combining Rastafarian hair (hair of false religions) with satanic goatees.

Here are some good beard styles. Notice mostly that with a nice hair cut, most beards that are maintained are acceptable.


Here is an example of what Jesus would look like today. Actually, Jesus would have shorter hair and possible male pattern balding. This would be more for the church youth group style to look hip for the kids when preaching God’s wrath as he was sent to do.


Yet, if we are to be most faithful to those great men that came before us and preached the Gospel of Grace with anger and wrath that is true of our God we would grow a beard like this.

charles_haddon_spurgeon.jpg or like this. images.jpg


But as long as you stay away from this, warren.jpg God will accept you.

Be true to what the bible teaches and you will be saved. Levitcus 19:27 should answer all your questions.

I want you to know, brothers, that the gospel I preached is not something that man made up,

I. Todyaso






Why Shane Claiborne is not saved.

February 13, 2008


Here are the facts as to why Shane Claiborne is not saved.

 1. I said so.

2. Ken Silva said so and also said Shane is a liar.

3. Ingrid of Slice of Laodicea said so.

4. Shane hung around Mother Theresa who we know was RCC and had written that she had doubts and we know that anyone who is RCC and had doubts cannot be saved.

5. Did you look at that picture? He does not look like he is saved to me!

Now, we know that Shane can blame it on bloggers for the Conservative Cedarville University telling him to take his “red” (as in commie) letter bible and go home to his emergent village and sit in front of his guru Tony Jones and Brian McClaren and smoke more doobie from their emergent hookahs.

 I hope that is enough proof to show that Shane Claiborne who likes to go to other countries (like Iraq) and “minister” is really not saved and is going to his Universalist hell in a hemp weaved handbag.

Surely, goodness and kindness will follow me all the days of my life, 

 I. Todyaso

The Bible As Graphic Novel

February 11, 2008



From CRN we find:

The Bible As Graphic Novel

Published February 11th, 2008 by Editor in General News

One can almost smell the sulfur in the air. It’s disrespectful, it’s graphic, it’s gotta be loved by the emerging church. This quote tells you what you need to know: “Manga often focuses on action and epic. Much of the Bible, as a result, ends up on the cutting room floor, and what remains is darker.” Perfect foil for the “Christian” skepticism of the Emergent Church for sure. The New York Times reports:

Ajinbayo Akinsiku wants the world to know Jesus Christ, just not the gentle, blue-eyed Christ of old Hollywood movies and illustrated Bibles.

Mr. Akinsiku says his Son of God is “a samurai stranger who’s come to town, in silhouette,” here to shake things up in a new, much-abridged version of the Bible rooted in manga, the Japanese form of graphic novels.

“We present things in a very brazen way,” said Mr. Akinsiku, who hopes to become an Anglican priest and who is the author of “The Manga Bible: From Genesis to Revelation.” “Christ is a hard guy, seeking revolution and revolt, a tough guy”…


Though Ken did a great job on this article, I felt lead as I listened the voice(s) in my head to add MORE decernmentalism to the editor’s thoughts.

Now all that was offered was this graphic so far and I will discern what is wrong with it.  

If you look really close and imagine, Mary who is way to pretty, (God only works through ugly people!) is wearing a schoolgirl uniform under her robe that is way too short…

Also, the angel looks too much like Shane Claiborne. *

I might also point out that the nails were not that long!

The tomb did not look like the house Luke Skywalker grew up in!

Can’t you see how evil that all is!!!!!!

My fear is that someone might read it and get the wrong impression about the Gospel. They might think that Jesus was Japanese! Or worse start reading the Bible slowly, prayerfully and thoughtfully (see the evils of Lectio Divina). Who knows what communing with the Triune God might lead to… I mean Calvin never read a mystic in his life. People like Calvin would have never practiced or been influenced by those evil people like St. Bernard who taught things like “The whole object of contemplation is to make us better shepherds of souls.” God forbid that ever happens!

I. Todyaso

* This blog will be doing a rant article like Ken Silva’s soon. I was appalled at all the “facts” that Ken presented as to why Shane was so evil. Like being talked about in Christianity Today.

“A growing number of evangelicals—younger evangelicals in particular—are maturing the movement in another way. They are taking their newfound love affair with Christian tradition and the early church beyond the realm of books and talk and into their churches and Christian lives…

Among evangelicals, the trend has extended to retreats at Catholic monasteries, recovery of Celtic spirituality, and observance of the divine hours. Not surprisingly (given the biblical focus of evangelicals), the slow, meditative monastic prayer technique called the lectio divina has captivated many. (Online source)”

Did you notice all the evil junk that Shane is doing?

 Not to mention that Ken points out why the “so-called spiritual disciplines” are so evil. If we are to have a truly plan-less and purposeless faith in Christ, who needs discipline!

More to come.

A real “Man” of God!

February 11, 2008

Here is the “Power” verse he is speaking of. Let it sink into your heart.

1 Kings 21: 21 Behold, I will bring evil upon thee, and will take away thy posterity, and will cut off from Ahab him that pisseth against the wall, and him that is shut up and left in Israel, 22. And will make thine house like the house of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, and like the house of Baasha the son of Ahijah, for the provocation wherewith thou hast provoked me to anger, and made Israel to sin.

God said it, I believe.


I. Todyaso

Ken Silva Threatens to Sew Me!

February 10, 2008


Ken Silva Says:
February 10, 2008 at 8:03 am  

U sew phunnie. 8^) 


Yes that is what Ken Silva said to me over my last “MASSIVE”.

(Maybe because I write better than him?) I was going to respond privately, but instead decided that I did not have his email address and could not find a way to contact him, I would just go public with it right away.

Dear Ken,

I am sorry that I have offended you to the point that my discernmentalist powers are so much greater than yours that you feel the need to sew me. I hope that this is not something that will begin to become a pattern with you. I hope we can stitch things up with out resorting to drastic measures like sewing each other. BTW how did the Proctor/Ingrid break up settle?  

Now, Ken what I am really worried about is that if we let compromisers like some who use potty language (I have read a few comments by Chris Pajak where he tells people mean things and one he tells people to stick things in places that might not let plants grow).

Now that sort of thing is OK when we all get together at the Discerners regionals and we are behind closed doors smoking our Spurgeons and drinking Lutherite beer from our Steins, but if someone is out and about trying to convince others that we are more holy and righteous than them, we need to not go all Driscoll on people and use such potty mouth language. I hope we can patch things up and you decide not to sew me, but if you do, I do have a few socks to damn, errr I mean darn. 

I. Todyaso  

My Latest Massive

February 9, 2008


I was reading Ken Silva’s Apprising Ministries post on the THE CULT OF LIBERAL THEOLOGY: FOREMOST ROTTEN ROOT OF THE EMERGING CHURCH Dr. Martin defined a religious cult:“as a group of people claiming to be Christians–gathered around a specific person–or group of people’s interpretation of the Bible. The group then denies Cardinal doctrines of the historic orthodox Christian faith, and most notably the full Deity of Christ.”  This is why it is so important to rally around the Great Reformers and the Great Truth they taught us.  Why follow the Cult of Rob Bell or Brian McLaren, when we have: 



The PuritansJ

onathan Edwards  

And those other ones that also lived at that time that were almost as good as Luther and Calvin. 

I want to point out, that at least these great Reformers never started churches from Mars or preached anything generous in there orthodoxy. They were men that stood righteously on the Holy teachings of the Bible and never once took notice what the instituted Church taught in that day. Luther never once tried to fix what was wrong with the Bible. He made sure that anyone that was an apostate RCC Ecumenical Purpose Driven menace understood they were on their way to hell. In fact as Christian Research Network states:

““Pope Benedict used a mass in the suburbs of Rome, Sunday, to remind people that hell is a very real place.” Christian Research Net thinks he’d do well to remind himself as well.”

Calvin was a man that other people followed. In fact, many of my friends are Calvinists. A Calvinist follows the teachings of Calvin who was a Great Reformer unlike that Brian McLaren who wants everyone to call themselves “Emergent Villagers”. We know that the Orthodoxy of the Christian faith was not pure in Calvin’s day until he purified it with the power of hisDoctrine. Instead of agreeing with the orthodox of the evil RCC he turned against almost everyone except Luther and they agreed to kill all the heretics that make Calvin mad when they denied his Doctrines fo Grace.  Now, we know that the Baptists are the ones we now base our standard of what pure doctrine is. As we throw out the history of those apostates like the RCC Augustine and St Bernard, we know that what we teach is the only accepted doctrines.  

UPDATE: one of my friends informed me that he was Lutheran and believes in Baptismal regeneration. I do not believe that, but I do see that we need to sometimes compromise our doctrine in order to attack those who are impure in theirs. 

UPDATE 2: I was just informed that Jonathan Edwards contextualized the Gospel as he reached out to the “savages” they claim he wrote “hymns” in their native language. 

UPDATE 3: I was just informed that some of my fellow fighters are in the Assembly of God. He informed me that he was of Arminian in faith. Gary L. W. Johnson has stated that Arminians are all semi-pelagian but we will over look this with Chris Pajak who attends that Arminian based man loving semi pelagian Assembly of God. We will overlook that Chris Pajak attend a denomination that teaches such error as “Man Willingly Fell to Sin” and The Initial Physical Evidence of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit is ‘Speaking in Tongues,’ while also denying the holy teaching of Calvin on Election with their Every Person Can Have Restored Fellowship with God Through ‘Salvation’ theology!

UPDATE 4:  I was just informed that Arminius was also a Reformer so as long as someone that is from the Assembly of God is out keeping doctrine pure, then we need to walk as instructed in Amos 3:3. In that we may by our working together and setting aside our differences attack and destroy the RCC driven Rick Warren. Generous Orthodoxy’s of Brian McLaren and the New Rabbinicalsim of Rob Bell (I mean what do the Jews know about the historical time of Jesus?)

I hope with these updates all will see that we can be generous with each other as long as we are not like Rob Bell and Brian McLaren or Tony Jones and Mark Driscoll (though Mark we like every other day).

I. Todyaso

I comment on a blog about the bible.

February 8, 2008


I use as pseudonym sometimes so I can minister freely without having people attack me as I spread the love and truth of God. Here is a comment I left at a hate site that attacks other ministries like mine. Haters had an issue with the authorship of the Bible… So I unleashed the McStink on them.

I. Todyaso

God wrote it!!!!

It is the eternal inspired word of GOD not man! Stupid imbeciles!

Man had nothing to do with it. The writers of the Bible were like pens in the hand of God and had NOTHING as far as input. (If you did not all go to those liberal bible colleges you would have known this!) Otherwise they could claim it was their works that save us and not God. God alone saves us and we can DO NOTHING TO ADD TO IT!

If you guys were not dead in your sins you could repent like me!

When Paul stated things like “this is from me and not God” it was God being sarcastic.

So, stop arguing and realize how much smarter I is than you as God gifted me to teach/pastor/condemn all of you idiots that deny the Sovereign God in how you destroy His eternal plan and mess it up by your unrighteous acts of man loving theology while dresses as Rob Bell with a goatee and shaved heads like Assyrian male hookers! REPENT!

Now go and get real jobs to stimulate Bush’s economy. God bless America for only real Christians live here. And God bless your collective mommas for not aborting you when they had the chance so later God could toss you into the Hell you all deny!

Nothing shall separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord,
Murphy McStinky

Oh if we could go back to the Puritans lifestyle!

February 7, 2008


Nuff said

I. Todyaso


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