The Things We Sacrifice For Our Truth!


Things are tough all over. In fact this “Truth War” we rage takes it toll on us at times. The yoke of Truth we carry for God in the Name of Jesus seems so heavy a burden but we cannot ever put it down for fear our eternal security be jeopardized and Our Truth we worship that stands along side God in all It’s Glory must be protected at all costs. Luck for me my wife is a true servant of our angry God.

 Another rule in the discernmentalist handbook is that we never, ever get marriage advise. In fact as far as marriage (which means “sex”) we see is something only other people like “emergents’ have. We only procreate if necessary and trust God to teach us about things like that. In fact some people like Mark Driscoll are teaching blasphemous things like Song of Solomon is about “sex”! We all know it is not about sex but an allegory of Jesus and the Church.

 The couch is not that bad after a couple of years. Your back will adjust. You will have numb fingers for all the hours you spend surfing the web for old “communities” for dirt on your most hated “heretic” that day. But in the end it is all worth it as we will stand before Jesus and say, `Lord, Lord, did we not rebuke those heretics in your name, and in your name drive out emergents and perform well for you?’

 God willing Our Truth will win out over the contextualized truth of those heathens that think they are saved!

Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.



2 Responses to The Things We Sacrifice For Our Truth!

  1. ron says:

    Oh the folly of your way!!
    You must repent!!!
    I am SO needing to see you repent, I can’t stand it!
    Repent, big boy!
    Repent now!


  2. itodyaso says:

    My “works” prove i am saved and righteous. There is no need to repent if one is a approvedworkman like me.

    You need make sure the fruit of your own works at surpass mine if you think you will ever enter into the Kingdom of God!

    Offering right sacrifices and trusting in the LORD,

    I Todyaso


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