Seeker Sensitive news: Shake hands with Pope get saved!


It is hard to believe how Pope Driven these seeker/purpose driven churches have gotten to. Here is a seeker sensitive practitioner who claims that shaking hands with the Pope will save you. Here is his approval of this as a teaching!

“This is good logic and I am glad that there are people like Robert to point out to us that there are many Christians in the world and we don’t even know who they are–apparently God himself doesn’t even know who they are. It’s a good thing that all that is required to prove our Christian faith nowadays is a picture of a handshake with the Catholic pope. I had better get my application in the mail so that I can get my handshake before it is too late. It’s good that I don’t need to demonstrate my faith by the fruit I produce or by my professed allegiance to Jesus Christ. It is good to know that all that matters today is a kiss and an peck and a hug around the next with Benny or Johnny.”

The article goes on to state everyone that has press flesh with Pope, be it Hitler, Castro or Billy Graham was saved by that handshake. This is how far these seeker sensitive peopel go in their depraved pragmatism and contextualization of the Gospel and perversion of OUR holy Doctrine! 

You should just take my word for it as I would never lead you wrong, but if you want to pass this info on here is the link.

What is next? Maybe we will begin to believe in things like “baptism saves” or worse!

How dare we slip into being anything like those Catholics!

We need to be on our guard like Luther who stated of these horrible people, “… dishonor and blaspheme the most worthy Sacrament, not seeing any farther than a horse or a cow sees…

You too should be on your guard against him, because he strongly opposed our message,

I. Todyaso

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7 Responses to Seeker Sensitive news: Shake hands with Pope get saved!

  1. dangoldfinch says:


    If you are citing my post as evidence of ‘seeker-sensitive’ anything, then you have thoroughly missed the point of my post and my blog. I am the furthest thing in the world from ‘seeker-sensitive.’ I was making no such statements at all. My post was filed under ‘humor’ and it was in mockery of someone (an atheist) who had suggested to me that Hitler was a Christian because he shook hands with the pope. You have seriously missed the point of my post, but yours does prove what happens when someone takes something out of context. If you think I am ‘seeker-sensitive’ then you should read the rest of my blog and have that silly notion washed away from your bag covered head. You are way, way off base here my friend and I think you should correct the record with your readers.

    aka dangoldfinch


  2. itodyaso says:

    Please do not embarras yourself here. As you should know I am like Ken Silva who is never wrong… in fact I am much more gifted at discerning that Ken will ever be as I surpassed his brilliance long ago.

    Now, I see you have a link to Bill Hybels book and that shows you either endorse all he believes or have a poor choice in who you read. In fact (though I think he dances too close to the edge of emerging/emergent, I recommend you read D.A. Carson to get a better perspective on what prayer is about.

    Mostly you need to just repent and forsake reading books by anyone one seeker/purpose driven and realize that we have no purpose when we come to Jesus.

    Hopefully you will learn from all this.

    I. Todyaso


  3. dangoldfinch says:


    I have already read Carson’s book on prayer.



  4. itodyaso says:


    Then you do not need to sooooooo comprimise your faith and possible lose your eternal security by reading anything by Bill Hybels do you?

    I. Todyaso


  5. dangoldfinch says:


    I’m operating on the assumption that you don’t know how to read and that you are merely a parody of someone who enjoys fruitful conversation. I’m also operating on the assumption that you have never read a single word that I have written at my blog. But this has been fun and I appreciate the pings, links, and advertising.



  6. […] gall to ask such an ignorant question. Of course, Hitler was Truly of the Regenerate Elect and a True Christian being the True Truth Warrior that he was. Brannon Howse should reprimand Rhoblogy and ban him […]


  7. […] Liberal N.C. Pastor Chad Holtz recently met Rob Bell at an event, Chad Holtz thought he actually got “Saved” after shaking Rob Bell’s hands eyewitnesses say. Holtz is a known Rob Bell and Rick Warren fanatic according to Rapture Ready […]


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