What is the deal with Grace


This picture shows what the “Truth Warriors” focus of his faith is.

I have been hearing a lot about Grace lately.  I just need to know, what is the deal with grace?  Don’t all of you “Christians” (false converts) know that God is a God of wrath?  Have you not heard an eye for an eye?  Don’t you pay attention to anything that we are saying?  Well if you are not, then beware of the God of Law.  You cannot be good enough to get into the good graces (pun intended) of the God of wrath.  Not only that, but you can’t be as good as we are because we have the law and we follow it to the T, just like Ingrid (awesome) and Ken Silva (awesome). 

 So a challenge to all those “Christians” (false converts) who believe in grace.  Show us a verse that proves your point.  Go ahead, I dare you.  You can’t think of one can you?  Well, when you do, post it, and then we will discount that verse entirely!

 God’s Grace covers me!

Dr. Seymore Spurgeon

One Response to What is the deal with Grace

  1. […] you heard it said that we are saved by Grace? Sure we all know we are saved by grace alone and not by keeping the Law—that’s the […]


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