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April 8, 2008

We know Our God is angry and hates sinners. We have bible verses that prove that and will cram them in your face if you ask us to. We also noticed that some “Truth Warriors” are not doing enough (though some are and here is a great post about how you can be a True Christian and also be rude!) to spread the Good News of the Angry God and His Wrath.

We pray that Team Pyro will step up to the New Standard and High Bar we have set. We are also saddened they do not go far enough and have even shown a little “emergent tendencies” with things like this.



We here at The Discernmentalist Mafia refuse to compromise like this and will even stand up against the nonsense that God loves sinners. We know God only loved the Elect of which we are. If you are not, then God has a place prepared for you called HELL!

 I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings,

I Todyaso


More Laodicean Mockery

April 8, 2008


It is getting worse. Yesterday researching Oprah and The Secret. Today: Using the Name of Christ in a mocking, nursery rhyme way. That’s right. The author of the post in question has used the Name of Christ as the title to a blog post in a way that is simply degrading and potentially blasphemous: Here a Christ, There a Christ. (I don’t think this is what Jesus had in mind in Matthew 24.) Friends, the blogger in question is a very influential discernmentalist whose work is of utmost importance. However, this will not do. I suggest that you send an email asking that this sort of blasphemy stop now. I am very, very concerned because we need the author on our side–fighting the for the cause of keeping little boys and girls in their own sex-specific clothing and warning us of the dangers of those heretics over at and Analysis. Please, please, I implore you to beware of the dangers of wolves dressed up like sheep. (We should criticize the wolves for the fact that they are cross-dressing and the fact that they are WOLVES! WOLVES!!!) I am calling on all spiritually discerning folks out there to join me in my…


PS–Cross-Dressing Wolves!

God’s Punishment

April 8, 2008

I am getting so disappointed in people lately.  Not just any people, but very specific people.  These are the people who should know better.  They are the ones who should be locked arm in arm in the fight to save Christianity.  But lately they haven’t been up to their usual snuff. 

As an example of this I give you Ray Comfort (awesome) and his latest post.  Oh, he starts out good, and I am reading it and loving everything that he is saying.  I won’t try and quote mine the entire article, but I will give you a brief synopsis.  The United States is having problems with their economy.  Every year tornadoes and floods happen, not to mention hurricanes and earthquakes.  The housing market is in shambles and there are houses in foreclosure all over the country.  This is a sign of God’s wrath for the sin of the nation.  Ray (awesome), you did well up till the point you stopped.

In my humble belief, Ray (awesome) did not go far enough.  Why would God stop with just destroying New Orleans and most of the Mississippi coast with Hurricane Katrina?  Come on Ray (awesome); pick up your game a little.  Don’t make me pick up the slack for you.  God must just be getting warmed up with the tornadoes because one hit a church and destroyed it.  Since God doesn’t have to practice, and can control tornadoes perfectly, all I can surmise was that the preacher was emergent and not really saved.  Good riddance to that church! 

Ray (awesome), I just ask that you finish your thought process to the logical and Biblical conclusion.  God hates mankind, except for the elect, and wants to wipe them out.  Since he already used a flood and can’t do that again, a shotgun approach is being used.  Have enough courage to tell all the sinners that they are in the crosshairs of God’s wrath.  Come on Ray (awesome).

God loves me because my house is still standing!

Dr. Seymore Spurgeon


The Dangers of Laodicea: You Have Been Warned!!!!

April 8, 2008


You know how I struggle for you. Literally, I am agonizing over you. I want you to be safe at all costs. That is why I am bringing you this update. Here is something I read at a certain online discernment blog:

I’ve known about The Secret and the promotion of the Law of Attraction for some time now, but had never studied it in depth. After receiving a not yet publicly released DVD called The Source of The Secret and after viewing all 67 minutes of it, I have been reading a great deal more about this whole teaching. A researcher friend of mine today suggested I listen to a clip from Oprah Winfrey from exactly a year ago where she interviewed Esther Hicks, author of The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham on her satellite radio show.

As you can see, the author of the particular blog in question has, curiously, been ‘dabbling’ in mystery teachings such as ‘The Secret,’ ‘The Laws of Attraction,’ and ‘Oprah.’ I know there are many of you who frequent this dangerous blog, so I am warning you to beware. Evidently, there is ‘research’ going on a ‘great deal’ of reading on these subjects, and listening to Oprah Winfrey–as far back as a year ago! I think it is dangerous to listen to anything Oprah–even as close as a day ago–so I am at a loss to know why someone is digging up stuff from a year ago.

Friends, I am giving you a stern warning: BEWARE! It appears that the author in question is dabbling in things that might lead her down a dangerous, slippery slope from whence there is no return. Now mind you, it is quite irrelevant why the author is doing all this research into Oprah and The Secret and the Laws of Attraction. The point is, the author is opening up her mind to dangerous teachings. Would you, fellow Laodiceans, join me in my struggle to save the soul of this dabbler? (There is even an outside link to a dangerous myspace page where one can hear further teaching on this subject!!!!!) My friends, this is of great concern to me. I used to think very highly of the author in question, but now I am concerned that she might actually be lost. Who knows what depths of depravity are at the myspace link!!! After all, research had to be done in order to find these links. I hope you can see my concern. Won’t you join me in my…


ps-this is really, really sad. I really hate seeing a fellow discernmentalist going down in flames like this. Isn’t there something more we can do to help those caught in the Oprah web of lies?

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