And now…Notes from Jim Bublitz

April 11, 2008

“I’ve mentioned before about the first Sunday I ever brought my family to visit Bill Hybels’ Willow Creek church, and there was an unmarried couple in front of us with their hands in each other’s back (jean) pockets. I’m not trying to be self-righteous nor am I denying that Jesus ate with tax collectors, but – this was church folks! I know nothing about this couple, but let’s suppose for a moment that they were living together.” Jim Bublitz 8 April, 2008 under Today’s Pragmatism  

Someone noted that Jim “just knew” they were unmarried though he knows nothing about them. The almost caused me to go into judgmental ecstasy, he states “let’s suppose for a moment that they were living together”.  (If I smoked still, I would have lit one up over that!)

Jim we here at The Discernmentalist Mafia salute you! We do not see that you need apologize for you “Self righteousness” as this quote shows just how self righteous you truly are. We respect that in a guy and all stand in stupefied awe of you. We know everyone that steps foot in that “so called” false church Willowcreek can not be saved. But I must ask you this; we knew that without setting foot in there and feared loss of your eternal security to cross over into the gates of Hell themselves. We are a bit confused on that as we wonder that maybe you are now tainted in some way. So with that we must also state, we are watching you. And if you seem to waver from your “self righteousness” we will expose you for what you really are. We are with you about keeping those “sinners” out of OUR churches!

Respectfully in awe, unless you have not regained YOUR sanctification,

I. Todyaso


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