And now…Notes from Jim Bublitz

“I’ve mentioned before about the first Sunday I ever brought my family to visit Bill Hybels’ Willow Creek church, and there was an unmarried couple in front of us with their hands in each other’s back (jean) pockets. I’m not trying to be self-righteous nor am I denying that Jesus ate with tax collectors, but – this was church folks! I know nothing about this couple, but let’s suppose for a moment that they were living together.” Jim Bublitz 8 April, 2008 under Today’s Pragmatism  

Someone noted that Jim “just knew” they were unmarried though he knows nothing about them. The almost caused me to go into judgmental ecstasy, he states “let’s suppose for a moment that they were living together”.  (If I smoked still, I would have lit one up over that!)

Jim we here at The Discernmentalist Mafia salute you! We do not see that you need apologize for you “Self righteousness” as this quote shows just how self righteous you truly are. We respect that in a guy and all stand in stupefied awe of you. We know everyone that steps foot in that “so called” false church Willowcreek can not be saved. But I must ask you this; we knew that without setting foot in there and feared loss of your eternal security to cross over into the gates of Hell themselves. We are a bit confused on that as we wonder that maybe you are now tainted in some way. So with that we must also state, we are watching you. And if you seem to waver from your “self righteousness” we will expose you for what you really are. We are with you about keeping those “sinners” out of OUR churches!

Respectfully in awe, unless you have not regained YOUR sanctification,

I. Todyaso



15 Responses to And now…Notes from Jim Bublitz

  1. Rick Frueh says:

    When you read stuff like that it almost seems like a practical joke. Many Christians consider unbelievers in the church gathering as an inconvenience. They would have hated the New Testament days with babies crying and people going to the bathromm etc.. But it really gets me (and God too) when we find fault with unbelievers acting like unbelievers.

    And of course the New Testament is pruse in its teaching on church disipline. Of all the sins that the Corinthian memebers were involved in, Paul only says remove one guy. Paul was so liberal. I wonder hoe Jim would have felt if the two people in front of him with their hands in each other’s pockets were both men?

    I mean, please, this was church!!


  2. itodyaso says:


    Just for the record we are very suspicious of you. You spend a lot of time taking to many heretics and enemies of OUR Truth War. We warn you, if you are not like us, God hates you and will wrath you to hell!

    And Willow Creek is not a real church, it is a country club were sinners get together and swap wives.

    Believe because,

    I. Todyaso


  3. itodyaso says:

    Oh ,I also added a new tag for you…


  4. Rick Frueh says:

    The bag man made me laugh! I know, I’m a man without a country. I can only speak what I feel honestly is the tuth, although I am far from inerrant. Now lately, as I have spoken my heart against the attitude of believers against gays, I have really set myself up.

    I am having dinner tonight with Pelagious and Barney Frank!


  5. David Muller says:

    I find it so unbelievable how people could be upset that a non-christian came to a place where christians are.


  6. itodyaso says:


    My prayers are with you as you must have unconfessed sin in your life.

    Now I also might point out that we did miss that if we are “let’s suppose”ing (wow I just got flushed as I thought that!) we should further judge this couple as obviously non Christians. I almost missed that they were wearing JEANS AT CHURCH!

    Remember the Church building is a house of God where we express OUR doctrines. It seems this couple thought this to be some pagan house of prostitution with their wanton display of open sexuality right in the pew chairs in front of Jim. You know one thing is sure, that Jesus would not have tolerated any prostitutes in his presence.

    Poor Jim must have had to stay in his prayer closet for hours on end to regain his sanctification .

    Imitate me as I imitate MY God,

    I. Todyaso


  7. Rick Frueh says:

    Well itodyaso, it seems you do not love God or ever have.

    Prove me wrong…


  8. itodyaso says:


    That is easy, Most of the bible is about God’s wrath and we are to become more Godlike and love the things God does. So since he loves to condemn the sinners so we also lvoe to be like God and condemn sinners.

    Now if you knew MY God then you would not even need proof. The bible states that it is the unbelievers that need a sign (1 Cor 14) so I must conclude you are not a believer* otherwise you would “just know Truth.” In fact I am more convinced you do not know MY God and sadly never will as you may not be of the regenerate to be able to receive our special “I just know Truth” knowledge. I personally received this knowledge as I listened to Ken Silva on the Mike Corely Show.

    Follow me as I carry My Cross,

    I. Todayso

    * I might add that Jesus stated that you are wkcked and adulterous for even asking for a sign! matt 12:39


  9. Rick Frueh says:

    Well if you would read the MacArthur post about prayer on CRN you would see that prayer is nothing more than a piece in the sovereign puzzle of God’s construction. It doesn’t move God, it doesn’t change anything, any petitions are meaningless, all because God ordains everything that is going to happen and then ordains the means by which they happen.

    That means when someone is killed in an auotmobile accident God ordained it and He ordained someone to pray that it would. Isn’t God just so awesome!! I have been so remiss in praying for major tragedies like someone’s child gets raped or murdered, I could have prayed that it would happen and been blessed personally to know God answered my preordained prayer and I cooperated with God’s plan which was that a child be raped. Isn’t God just so awesome.

    And the greatest blessing of all will be received as I pray that billions of people will go to a Christless hell and suffer for eternity because I want to be a part of God’s loving and majestic plan. I know He’s only chosen a very few so I can know for sure that His justice FAR outweighs His mercy or He would have provided an offer for redemption for everyone, but since He is angry at sin and sinners He begrudgingly redeemed a very small bunch of sovereign lottery winners and condemned everyone else to hell. And I can pray that way and be His faithful servant!!

    “Dear Lord,

    Please send almost everyone to hell, please. I agree with you, they should be afforded no grace or mercy like I have, because that’s how you want it. I love your plan, Lord. I want to cooperate with your sovereign will so I pray for children to starve in Darfur, I pray for many children to be molested today, I pray for Christian marriages to divorce, I pray for people to be killed in auto accidents, and I pray that thousand will continue to die of AIDs every day – especially if they are gay.

    Thank you Lord for putting these words in my mouth so I can be the sovereign means to these sovereign ends. I look forward to meeting you one day and rejoicing together about all these wonderful answers to prayer!!

    Your sovereign servant to the sovereign puppeteer ,


    See IT, I can rejoice in your deception because that comes from Him as well!!
    What an awesome God!!


  10. Rick Frueh says:

    IT – the post was from a guy named Tom, but it was still on Jim’s blog.


  11. itodyaso says:


    Please stop referring to me as the person you stated I am. Here, clearly I am not that person! Now the comment you wrote above that was very long I just do not have time to look at. There seems to be a lot of “facts” and stuff and I do not need those type of things to interfere with my pure “I just know Truth” revelational discernment giftedness that i am to you and all others.

    But the second one you are just wrong as Jim does a blurb at OT and then links to Tom. Yet, even if you are right you are still wrong as Jim is a trickster that likes to do things like re-route people that disagree with him so his readers do not get bothered by those who disagree posting on his blog. He also likes to ban people and make up things about them so I would not be surprised if he decided to call himself Tom, Dick or Harry all in fun as he mocked people like YOU!

    Now go away you are writing too much here and I need to do more of my blessed research. Already I ahve given you more time than Ken Silva as I am more patient with ignorance that he is. Yet, my patience is waning and it seems that if you do not agree with me I no longer care to here what YOU have to say even if you “might” be right. (Which you can’t be because you are Arminian and think Finny and Wesley are saved! In fact you confessed already to going out to lunch with Plagueis, so I think hell fire is in your future and I do not want to be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness (me) and wickedness (you) have in common?

    Even if I caused you sorrow by my letter, I do not regret it,

    I. Todyaso


  12. Rick Frueh says:

    ITOLLUPSOW – You are correct. Oh that Jim!


  13. itodyaso says:


    Maybe there is hope for you. yet you still seem to have trouble with name calling. I suggest you hang out with Ken Silva who is the Master of Names and learn from him how to properly call others names.

    I. Todyaso


  14. Rick Frueh says:

    IT – check out the new post on Old Truth. Jim changes his view, very clandestinely, on the marital status of that couple in front of him. Who goes to worship the August God and checks people’s wedding rings as Jim said he did? And then after admitting he was wrong without admitting he was wrong, he accuses Saddleback of removing some policy about baptism in a “hush-hush” manner.

    I have gone to churches and been uncomfortable with the preaching, or the music, or about the fundraising. But I have NEVER inspected or judged sinners who are in attendance, that is to me exposes a publican heart. I guess that is because I believe Christ indeed died for eveyone in the room – everyone.


  15. itodyaso says:


    No one should be comfortable in Church. It was designed by God to be uncomfortable from giving us pews and having to wear our Sunday best suits on hot days. Truthfully I was a bit put off when OUR church put in air conditioning. Yes, to me that was accepting modernism in our church. I though “what’s next? Replace the out house with in door plumbing?” and they did that also! I know that the Puritans and none of the reformers wrote about or even had such things so why should we?

    Now i was with you until your last sentence. Jesus only died for those God choose before He created them. That is what Spurgeon taught and Calvin gave us as he showed us the Truth out of the Bible. So, please stop promoting your heretical teachings on this pure and holy blog.

    Also, we know that Willowcreek is underhanded and even if they did baptize someone there, it would not be a real baptism. It would not be accepted by God as it was from an apostate church. We have rules in OUR Bibles that tell us so. They are in the index after the Scofield concordance special Truth Warrior edition page 2590 appendix 666.

    I just pray you can be regenerated like me,
    I. Todyaso


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