Steve Camp Proves Mark Driscoll is still Emergent!


If you haven’t seen this yet, watch it and tell me what you think? (BTW, heads up – at the end of the song, Ben Stiller comes on and in an attempt to be comical says some expletives that are bleeped out though you can pretty much tell what he said.  For Mars Hill Church members, this will seem like Sunday morning worship; for everyone else, it will seem like Saturday night at the bowling alley.)


Kudos to Steve for showing the Truth Warrior he is and teaching us how to properly judge others. I am glad Steve still agrees with us Mark Driscoll should stop cussing in every one of his @*#$ing sermons!

(Sorry for that I lost my sanctification from watching that *&%ing video. So make sure you are prayed up before watching it! I now must go to my prayer closet and gain my sanctification back.)

Seeking after His Kingdom,

I. Todyaso

Please also read the update here

9 Responses to Steve Camp Proves Mark Driscoll is still Emergent!

  1. Rick Frueh says:

    My oldest son has many Christian tattoos. Scripture verses, the Lion of Judah, the centurian under the cross, and others. The place he gets his tattoos is run by Muslims. My son is an outspoken witness for Christ, and all the Muslims know he is a born again Christian and they like him a lot.

    Whenever he goes into their shop they all sing “Shout to the Lord” because they’ve heard it on TV commercials for worship CDs and they know he loves Christ. Isn’t that neat? Oh, except for the tattoos, we all know God can’t use them!!


  2. Tom says:


    Whether or not God can use tattoos or not is His business not ours. It is our business to do our best at emulating what the Word of God tells us to do. Tattoos simply do not do that, despite our motives.
    Please do not misunderstand me; I love the fact that your oldest son is zealous at sharing his faith. Every one of us should share that zealousness as believers.
    Yet it is also true that we are to be guided by the Word of God, not our own imaginations.
    I am not saying this to condemn your son, for his zealousness for sharing his faith is a lot more than I can say about a lot of Christians. In fact over time and maturity in his Christian walk, he will probably come to realize what I am saying about his tattoos is true.
    In my early Christian walk I did some things out of my own imagination for the Lord that I now look at as wrong. But the Lord still used them, because my heart was right.

    I believe this is the same with much of the Church today, the pragmatism we see in many circles may be for the reasons, but they are not directed by the Word of God.


  3. Angela says:

    Hi Rick,

    I am not sure if your son is aware of the old testament instruction given by God about tattoos.

    Leviticus 19:28 (KJV)

    “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.”

    Please warn your son about the Lord’s command, encourage him to repent and to cease from the practice as he is sinning greatly against the Lord. The reason the God strictly forbids the inking of tattoos upon our flesh is that our bodies are His temples and made holy when He dwells within us at the time of our justification. May the Lord bless you and your family and light the path before you.

    Yours in Christ.


    • ryan says:

      I am not sure if you’re aware, but Jesus fulfilled all of the OT Law on our behalf.


    • Nicholas Johnson says:

      Hey Angela, that piece of scripture was from God speaking to the Jews. We are gentiles, it doesn’t apply to us. The verse before that also says that we shouldn’t cut our hair or shave… I personally believe that tattoos are perfectly fine. However, the arguement can go on all day because of presuppositions. The only other scripture that I can find that could be used against tattoos is the popular arguement that “our bodies are a temple for God”. And its absolutely true. But you see, when they built temples, they built them elaborately with decoration to bring glory and honor to God.


  4. itodyaso says:


    And don’t forget God also hates shrimp!



  5. Uhm… Tom and Angela, this is a parody site and Rick’s comment was made in that spirit.


  6. Jeremy says:


    That warning in Leviticus was to the Jews to keep them seperate from the pagans in the land at that time. Also, as Christians and on top of that Gentiles we were never under the law or intended to be under the law. That was intended for the Jews only. Leviticus is not directed to the modern christian church. It is also said that a man having long hair is a disgrace but God allows Samson to have long hair. Different times God calls for different measures. Bottom line is we are incapable of following the law and instead he gave us the gift of FREE salvation should we trust in Christs atonement for our sins not follow some old testament law that was meant to keep the Jews seperate from pagans. As far as God using tattoos to reach people or if he has a use for them he absolutely does. As a 29 year old male I would be more apt to listen to someone that didn’t seem like the up tight conservative preaching politics and religion on sunday. I would want someone who is a real person I can relate to to witness to me. The kids I see who have their Christian tattoos are more brazing about their faith than most adults in the christian church. A lot of them wouldn’t be caught dead with a christian t shirt on. More power to the young’uns.


  7. […] co-Truth-Warrior in the truthiness of John MacArthur’s Truth War (PBUI) Dr. Pastor-Teacher I. Todyaso has reminded me that there are other restaurants among us compromising our Discernmentalist values. […]


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