The Danger of Flip Flopping! Jim Bublitz Update!

Recently someone alerted me that Jim Bublitz may be flip flopping on his judging a couple* who he stated, “I know nothing about this couple, but let’s suppose for a moment that they were living together” and I was so excited as this was what church is all about! Yet, I began to worry a bit that maybe Jim Bublitz had lost some of him Sanctification by attending Willow creek.

I had to go to Jim’s site to see the update and was glad to see Jim is still judging others in his own “self righteousness”.


Here is a picture of his blog to show that Jim is still on our side.


Also, justs in case Jim decides to be the trickser he is (and we like that here) here is the other posts picture.


So far we see Jim as still in our camp and freely judging and condemning sinners with the Wrath and Hate of OUR God. Though we ask for prayer that Jim is not having issues in this vital area of his faith. My concern is that Jim is getting soft on sinners by thinking they can attend OUR churches.

Please join with us in the Truth War struggle.

I. Todyaso


* Post on 13 April, 2008  Can Seeker Churches Have Real Church Discipline?  Today’s Pragmatism  

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