April 21, 2008

Ray Comfort (awesome) has a post up today that really shows the depravity of all non-Christians.  Here is just a snippet of this post. 

“I was a true atheist, addicted to pornography and a big fan of torture. I hated the Bible and literally looked at “contract killer” as a career option. I favored Darwinian abortion of potentially disabled children and agreed with the majority of Adolph Hitler’s statements about the disabled and invalid. I fantasized about murder and contemplated suicide and held nothing but hatred in my heart for anyone who told me I was wrong. In Short, I was the most degenerate scum to ever walk the Earth. That God saved me is still so far beyond my comprehension I have to wake up every day and think “wow.”

While I rejoice that this man found the law and God’s wrath and woke up to his impending doom, I am still seeing this blog going down the wrong path.  Ray (awesome) stopped too early and didn’t mention all the other sins that atheists, or any non-Christian obviously are participating in.  I don’t want to list all those sins here for you, although I could, because I don’t want to give those emergents any ideas. 

I blame all of this on the “false converts” who have permeated our churches with their gospel (small g) of love.  It is a fact that the Bible talks about Hell more times than it talks about Heaven, so we know that God’s wrath is perfect.  So stop with the love gospel and get back to preaching the Bible.  And since we know that Jesus didn’t smile, only tell people to repent and kick people out of the temple with a whip, we should model his behavior.  That way we won’t be creating all these sinners!

I have a whip and I am not afraid to use it!

Dr. Seymore Spurgeon

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