Chris Rosebrough: Closet Hindu no More!


Here we go again! It seems that our work here at ODM is never foloinished, but we must be diligent in our work to expose you to the doctrinal errors of those who are just a little lower on the sanctificationalism chart than we are. We are the lizard kings, we can do anything.

What I have learned by being a member of the writing force here at the ODM is that words mean things. Recently, for example, I finished reading a book called The Shack. I was warned by a very important ODM that the author of the book is secretly or overtly a proponent of astral projection and New Age theology because, in the book, he tells of a dream where he was flying. Scary. (I had a dream the other night that I was sleeping so I guess that means I am advocating, uh, sleep.) But the point is that words mean things. Words are not devoid of content even when they are ripped out of their context. So all those grammar lessons we spent time going over in Junior High are meaningless: Context gives us no clues whatsoever when it comes to the meaning of words. And I’m not even going to get into what the author states he believes, or what the author’s stated intentions are, or the theological content of those who endorse and author’s book. (I knew I would find a way to get back at all those teachers who insisted I anaylyze the context for clues so as to find the meaning of paragraphs. In your face Mrs Clapsaddle!)

All that matters, and it is important that you repeat this with me slowly, is this: What are the words and what do they mean. Remember these four things do not matter: Context, Intent, Beliefs, Endorsements. All that matters is the words themselves. So, it is with great remorse that we must lay to rest one of the great ODM’s of our day, Extreme Theology (and, I think, by extension, alittleleaven; or, as Ingrid, former uber-ODM and recent apostate, likes to call it alotofleaven). Now I will explain why it is necessary for you to abandon all hope that you will ever learn anything extremely theological from extreme theology:



Friends, this is proof enough that Chris Rosebrough is a Hindu and worships sacred cows (pun intended). And, to make it worse, this sentence is in perfect context (I am breaking my own ODM rules by keeping it in context!) I don’t think there is anything else that even needs to be said about this because you can see it here for yourself. I’m not making this stuff up folks: Truth is stranger than fiction.  All this time we have been led to believe that Extreme Theology was about Biblical Theology, and on our side in the Truth War, and it turns out that it was actually about worshiping cows, or at least venerating them, which is a major, major aspect of the Hindu ‘faith’. I think it is safe to say: Extreme Theology is lame and, like most of what we discern around here, practicing a ‘many approaches to God’ sort of theology.

So here’s another friendly warning: Stay away from so-called ‘biblical’ ministries like Extreme Theology and ALittleLeaven. They are dangerous factions of a ‘many ways to God’ sort of theology. They are as corrupt as Tim Reed whose heretical views on Karma have been exposed and chronicled here at the ODM. Listen folks, don’t take this lightly: Words mean things. Nowhere in the Bible are we told to call cows ‘Holy.’ Only God is Holy (See Isaiah 6). This is terribly disappointing and I know many of you will be lost. But take heart! We here at ODM are accepting all former clients and patients of Extreme Theology and ALittleLeaven (have your insurance card handy). We want you to know that we are here for you because we care (or because we don’t) but either way, what does it matter, we are here. If you are interested in real discernment, then this is the place to be! Forget the phonies and get your real discernment from the experts.


PS–If anyone has ever been saved by a ‘holy cow’ would you please email us here at ODM? We would love to share your story.

PPS–Chris, we are sorry you are apostate. We hope you will get back to earning your salvation by practicing right theology.

10 Responses to Chris Rosebrough: Closet Hindu no More!

  1. itodyaso says:

    My heart is so saddened. What is next? Is someone going to start teaching the apostate RCC teaching of baptismal regeneration?

    Jesus come quickly as the Remnant is shrinking fast!

    I. Todyaso


  2. nc says:


    That is hilarious.


  3. itodyaso says:

    I also think that we should have figures anyone that has “extreme” is trying to be relevant by trying to contextualize the Gospel and we know that leads to being Seeker Sensitive. Which leads to RCC and to Rick Warrens Purpose Driven World.

    I. Todyaso


  4. Chris says:

    By your accounts Robin would have been a closet pantheist because he said holy just about anything.


  5. Chris says:

    And, doesn’t the title “Holy Cow” just above the picture make you a closet Hindu also?


  6. itodyaso says:


    Robin was Jewish.
    The “Holy Cow” above the picture is the quote from the article and author in question.

    Please read more carefully as we are never wrong on this site.

    I. Todyaso


  7. struggle4laodicea says:


    What bothers me is that anyone would think for a moment that they have a right to challenge our discernmentalist powers. We didn’t get these powers easily, it took many, many hours of training at Pastor Silva’s school of ‘How to Play the Son of God Convincingly Enough To Send People to Hell and Culinary Academy’ (great Spam dishes!)

    Anyhow, seriously, we are trained professionals and we do not need some interloper, some internet troll, coming in here and telling us how to do our jobs.


    ps–I received a letter today from a concerned reader who said: “Just how do you make those tasty Spam dishes? When are more people going to stand up for Spam Hamburger Helper Dishes? Thank you so much for the work you do alerting us to the dangers of internet churches like the one that Ingrid is THE Pastor of. We do not want our children exposed to Those kind of teachings. And since we allow our children to sit in front of the computer monitor for several fives of hours a day while we work on new tasty Spam dishes, your work is invaluable. Q.”

    Thanks ‘Q’. We appreciate that you appreciate our recipe for Spam and Hamburger Helper Casserole. We will continue to provide you with tasty, satisfying dishes in perpetuity.


  8. itodyaso says:


    I might point out that someone else was offended more that we were by the misuse of the work “Holy” that was done at that so-called theology site.

    Please use the word HOLY only when in relation to God or His adopted children.

    Posted by: Craig | April 07, 2008 at 10:55 AM

    So it seems that post is cause people to stumble all over.

    And you are worried about a Jewish comic book hero?

    Good Grief!

    I. Todyaso


  9. centralityofthegospel says:



  10. Zach says:

    a decade ago…


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