April 21, 2008

Ray Comfort (awesome) has a post up today that really shows the depravity of all non-Christians.  Here is just a snippet of this post. 

“I was a true atheist, addicted to pornography and a big fan of torture. I hated the Bible and literally looked at “contract killer” as a career option. I favored Darwinian abortion of potentially disabled children and agreed with the majority of Adolph Hitler’s statements about the disabled and invalid. I fantasized about murder and contemplated suicide and held nothing but hatred in my heart for anyone who told me I was wrong. In Short, I was the most degenerate scum to ever walk the Earth. That God saved me is still so far beyond my comprehension I have to wake up every day and think “wow.”

While I rejoice that this man found the law and God’s wrath and woke up to his impending doom, I am still seeing this blog going down the wrong path.  Ray (awesome) stopped too early and didn’t mention all the other sins that atheists, or any non-Christian obviously are participating in.  I don’t want to list all those sins here for you, although I could, because I don’t want to give those emergents any ideas. 

I blame all of this on the “false converts” who have permeated our churches with their gospel (small g) of love.  It is a fact that the Bible talks about Hell more times than it talks about Heaven, so we know that God’s wrath is perfect.  So stop with the love gospel and get back to preaching the Bible.  And since we know that Jesus didn’t smile, only tell people to repent and kick people out of the temple with a whip, we should model his behavior.  That way we won’t be creating all these sinners!

I have a whip and I am not afraid to use it!

Dr. Seymore Spurgeon

Way of The Master Radio Endorses Mark Driscoll!

April 17, 2008

Picture of Freakishly Tall Todd Friel looking for Emergent Heretics.

I am beginning to wonder if some are switching sides in this Truth War. Now it seems Todd Friel endorses Mark Driscoll. A spy showed me this article at a very backslidden blog.

My sources had told me just last night, that Mark had called Rob Bell to tell him that someone sent his mail to the wrong Mars Hill proving to me Mark Driscoll is still Emergent.

Oh, I feel like Elijah, am I the only one?

I. Todyaso


Steve Camp backpedals and soft sells sin!

April 13, 2008

We here are a little confused as just as I was publishing the last great and well researched post, I took another look at Steve Camps blog and was greatly disturbed to see this disclaimer!

In case you missed it last night on Idol, the contestants sang “Shout To The Lord” again; this time the name of Jesus was left in! Great to see our Lord proclaimed through that song in that venue – regardless of the motives of some (Phil. 1:15-18). Amen?”

 No Steve, unlike you we cannot compromise on this important issue of pointing out Mark Driscoll is still Emergent! You can be soft on OUR Truth and wimp out on the Truth War all you want, but we here will stand firm on OUR TRUTH and against people who are sympathetic towards apostates like Driscoll. Be warned you are now on the “watch list”.

I might add that in the very next post, Steve shows some Emergent loving tendencies. Good gracious and wrathful God what is next?!? Will Steve also go speak with other Emergent Church leaders Doug Pagitt, Rob Bell at the Interspiritual Seeds of Compassion Event with Dalai Lama! We here hope not as the last thing this world needs is more compassion!

Quoting Steve Camp:

I am privileged to be invited back on the Michael Corley program today to debate Darrin Patrick on the subject of contextualization, the emerging church, and biblical evangelism. I have never met Darrin, and though he is part of the emerging movement, I have heard some good things associated with his church’s ministry in St. Louis.

This is not the Steve Camp we have come to love. Please repent and return to the true Discernmentalist you once were. I once heard you do a song called “Don’t tell them Jesus loves them, unless you are willing to love them to.” which in my naive younger daze thought was great. I was so happy to hear you renounced all that as sin. You of all people are worthy to attack others for their foul mouths.**

Jesus Wept,

I. Todyaso

* “Early in my own musical journey I wrote songs that neither represented good music or precise theology. My motives were vitiated; my actions were not godly; and my lips were unclean. The thirst for prominence and position made my heart prideful, judgmental and callused.”  Steve Camp

 **Look under TONGUES OF CONFUSION section for Steve Camp






Steve Camp Proves Mark Driscoll is still Emergent!

April 13, 2008


If you haven’t seen this yet, watch it and tell me what you think? (BTW, heads up – at the end of the song, Ben Stiller comes on and in an attempt to be comical says some expletives that are bleeped out though you can pretty much tell what he said.  For Mars Hill Church members, this will seem like Sunday morning worship; for everyone else, it will seem like Saturday night at the bowling alley.)


Kudos to Steve for showing the Truth Warrior he is and teaching us how to properly judge others. I am glad Steve still agrees with us Mark Driscoll should stop cussing in every one of his @*#$ing sermons!

(Sorry for that I lost my sanctification from watching that *&%ing video. So make sure you are prayed up before watching it! I now must go to my prayer closet and gain my sanctification back.)

Seeking after His Kingdom,

I. Todyaso

Please also read the update here

The Danger of Flip Flopping! Jim Bublitz Update!

April 13, 2008

Recently someone alerted me that Jim Bublitz may be flip flopping on his judging a couple* who he stated, “I know nothing about this couple, but let’s suppose for a moment that they were living together” and I was so excited as this was what church is all about! Yet, I began to worry a bit that maybe Jim Bublitz had lost some of him Sanctification by attending Willow creek.

I had to go to Jim’s site to see the update and was glad to see Jim is still judging others in his own “self righteousness”.


Here is a picture of his blog to show that Jim is still on our side.


Also, justs in case Jim decides to be the trickser he is (and we like that here) here is the other posts picture.


So far we see Jim as still in our camp and freely judging and condemning sinners with the Wrath and Hate of OUR God. Though we ask for prayer that Jim is not having issues in this vital area of his faith. My concern is that Jim is getting soft on sinners by thinking they can attend OUR churches.

Please join with us in the Truth War struggle.

I. Todyaso


* Post on 13 April, 2008  Can Seeker Churches Have Real Church Discipline?  Today’s Pragmatism  

And now…Notes from Jim Bublitz

April 11, 2008

“I’ve mentioned before about the first Sunday I ever brought my family to visit Bill Hybels’ Willow Creek church, and there was an unmarried couple in front of us with their hands in each other’s back (jean) pockets. I’m not trying to be self-righteous nor am I denying that Jesus ate with tax collectors, but – this was church folks! I know nothing about this couple, but let’s suppose for a moment that they were living together.” Jim Bublitz 8 April, 2008 under Today’s Pragmatism  

Someone noted that Jim “just knew” they were unmarried though he knows nothing about them. The almost caused me to go into judgmental ecstasy, he states “let’s suppose for a moment that they were living together”.  (If I smoked still, I would have lit one up over that!)

Jim we here at The Discernmentalist Mafia salute you! We do not see that you need apologize for you “Self righteousness” as this quote shows just how self righteous you truly are. We respect that in a guy and all stand in stupefied awe of you. We know everyone that steps foot in that “so called” false church Willowcreek can not be saved. But I must ask you this; we knew that without setting foot in there and feared loss of your eternal security to cross over into the gates of Hell themselves. We are a bit confused on that as we wonder that maybe you are now tainted in some way. So with that we must also state, we are watching you. And if you seem to waver from your “self righteousness” we will expose you for what you really are. We are with you about keeping those “sinners” out of OUR churches!

Respectfully in awe, unless you have not regained YOUR sanctification,

I. Todyaso


New Buttons For your Blog!

April 8, 2008

We know Our God is angry and hates sinners. We have bible verses that prove that and will cram them in your face if you ask us to. We also noticed that some “Truth Warriors” are not doing enough (though some are and here is a great post about how you can be a True Christian and also be rude!) to spread the Good News of the Angry God and His Wrath.

We pray that Team Pyro will step up to the New Standard and High Bar we have set. We are also saddened they do not go far enough and have even shown a little “emergent tendencies” with things like this.



We here at The Discernmentalist Mafia refuse to compromise like this and will even stand up against the nonsense that God loves sinners. We know God only loved the Elect of which we are. If you are not, then God has a place prepared for you called HELL!

 I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings,

I Todyaso


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