United in our attack! The Truth War Manifesto; a biblical perspective

May 13, 2008


What a great way to be inspired. Whenever you are stressed, just pop John Calvin into your mouth and enjoy all his chocolate goodness!

I have been reflecting the Truth War and realized that we who hold the truth doctrines are united in who we hate and attack. They claim they rally under the “banner of Christ Jesus”, yet we know that their Jesus was some girly-grace humanistic non-Reformed Jesus. We must worship the Jesus of the Reformation. We must carry on the traditions of the Reformation and imitate those godly men.  We must rally under the truth of all the “reformers” like the Baptists and ignore those apostates that had nothing to do with the Reformation like the Quakers (as taught by Pastor Ken Silva) though some would try to tell us otherwise  (source PDF)

We need to  make sure history reflects our Doctrinal views We cannot allow revisionists who think history cannot be purified by our version of it keep history from being redeemed.

We know that the Baptists are the purest of all “reformed” groups. It has been evidenced that since 1961 the SBC is becoming more and more Reformed. That should prove the deep history of the effect Baptists have had on the Reformation since Luther hammered the 95 Thesis to the Wittenburg Door and set the enslaved celibate priests free to marry and drink beer (though Luther’s beer was non alcoholic as Jesus wine was!!).

Without the great teacher and historian Ken Silva we would all be lost in the history that so many claim is Christian history. We would not see the Truth of the Truth War that real Christianity started in the 16th century with the Reformation. As soon as the Bible was written the Holy Spirit left so that no more miracles might happen. We now only have the Bible and God who is far away in heaven and Jesus who is on the throne in heaven and really has nothing to do with us until he returns and savagely kills all the apostate emerging church people and their sodomite loving ways.

We know the truth will set you free and we free set it free so we can protect it and use it as a weapon against anyone that does not agree with us and our doctrines. Our weapons of spiritual warfare are not carnal but they are out of our doctrinal beliefs and out of correct beliefs. If  you do not believe as we do then you are just guilty and  worthy of our attack in the Name of our wrathful and angry God who hates sinners. We know that this type of belief is hard, yet we must not let easy believism corrupt the church. We must make it as hard as we can for someone to be saved by Pastor Ken Silva’s/John MacArthur’s “doctrines” of Grace.

I want to thank the idiots at CRN.info for making this list as I was compiling one to show who will go to hell and they already did it for me.

“So to recap the following groups are just plain Jesus hatin’, hell bound miscreants:
Democratic/politically liberal Christians in the vein of Jim Wallis.
Traditional, baby boomer Christians in the vein of Focus on the Family (Sorry dad)Younger evangelicals in the vein of Greg Boyd. Emerging/Emergents in the vein of Brian McLaren and Doug Pagitt.Younger Reformed Christians in the vein of Mark Driscoll . 1st Century wannabe Christians in the vein of Rob Bell.”

 Often for inspration I gaze upon this easy to read “must have” time line of the only time the hcurch was pure and holy.

 I hope it inspires you and clears up all the history that is being changed out there. Now remember this is a complete history of the true church as it starts at the birth of the Great Reformers. No one was saved before then as they were all RCC and Christian mystics and things like that.


The just shall live by faith,

I Todyaso

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