United in our attack! The Truth War Manifesto; a biblical perspective


What a great way to be inspired. Whenever you are stressed, just pop John Calvin into your mouth and enjoy all his chocolate goodness!

I have been reflecting the Truth War and realized that we who hold the truth doctrines are united in who we hate and attack. They claim they rally under the “banner of Christ Jesus”, yet we know that their Jesus was some girly-grace humanistic non-Reformed Jesus. We must worship the Jesus of the Reformation. We must carry on the traditions of the Reformation and imitate those godly men.  We must rally under the truth of all the “reformers” like the Baptists and ignore those apostates that had nothing to do with the Reformation like the Quakers (as taught by Pastor Ken Silva) though some would try to tell us otherwise  (source PDF)

We need to  make sure history reflects our Doctrinal views We cannot allow revisionists who think history cannot be purified by our version of it keep history from being redeemed.

We know that the Baptists are the purest of all “reformed” groups. It has been evidenced that since 1961 the SBC is becoming more and more Reformed. That should prove the deep history of the effect Baptists have had on the Reformation since Luther hammered the 95 Thesis to the Wittenburg Door and set the enslaved celibate priests free to marry and drink beer (though Luther’s beer was non alcoholic as Jesus wine was!!).

Without the great teacher and historian Ken Silva we would all be lost in the history that so many claim is Christian history. We would not see the Truth of the Truth War that real Christianity started in the 16th century with the Reformation. As soon as the Bible was written the Holy Spirit left so that no more miracles might happen. We now only have the Bible and God who is far away in heaven and Jesus who is on the throne in heaven and really has nothing to do with us until he returns and savagely kills all the apostate emerging church people and their sodomite loving ways.

We know the truth will set you free and we free set it free so we can protect it and use it as a weapon against anyone that does not agree with us and our doctrines. Our weapons of spiritual warfare are not carnal but they are out of our doctrinal beliefs and out of correct beliefs. If  you do not believe as we do then you are just guilty and  worthy of our attack in the Name of our wrathful and angry God who hates sinners. We know that this type of belief is hard, yet we must not let easy believism corrupt the church. We must make it as hard as we can for someone to be saved by Pastor Ken Silva’s/John MacArthur’s “doctrines” of Grace.

I want to thank the idiots at CRN.info for making this list as I was compiling one to show who will go to hell and they already did it for me.

“So to recap the following groups are just plain Jesus hatin’, hell bound miscreants:
Democratic/politically liberal Christians in the vein of Jim Wallis.
Traditional, baby boomer Christians in the vein of Focus on the Family (Sorry dad)Younger evangelicals in the vein of Greg Boyd. Emerging/Emergents in the vein of Brian McLaren and Doug Pagitt.Younger Reformed Christians in the vein of Mark Driscoll . 1st Century wannabe Christians in the vein of Rob Bell.”

 Often for inspration I gaze upon this easy to read “must have” time line of the only time the hcurch was pure and holy.

 I hope it inspires you and clears up all the history that is being changed out there. Now remember this is a complete history of the true church as it starts at the birth of the Great Reformers. No one was saved before then as they were all RCC and Christian mystics and things like that.


The just shall live by faith,

I Todyaso

13 Responses to United in our attack! The Truth War Manifesto; a biblical perspective

  1. IT,

    Excuse me, but I think it is *Pastor* Silva!!!! I think you need to show a little more respect for the wise and learned one!



  2. itodyaso says:


    Though I never make mistakes (or at least admit them) I had thought that I raised the bar of his excellence to a higher rung. Yet, in reflection, I must agree (as we are united in our hate) that I overlooked that one most important word to describe Pastor Ken Silva in the most proper and appropriate way. I fixed the minor over thought (still not a mistake as i cannot make those you understand.)

    I just hope this laps in humility will not harm me in any way.

    When I have done all I can to stand, still standing,

    I. Todyaso


  3. James Galyon says:

    After looking over your blog, I must say that having the distinction of being linked in your article above is quite, ahem, a distinction I hope never to have repeated.

    Seriously, if you examine my blog, you’ll note that the conversations carried on there among those who disagree on matters are at least generally thoughtful and considerate of each other (at least with the great majority of them). In my articles dealing with the Emergent Church and Brian McLaren, for example, there is no bombastic language. Points of agreement are made, as are differences. I don’t pretend to agree with all, but I certainly aim to be respectful of all when they drop by 2WC. That’s why I hope this “distinction” is singular.


  4. itodyaso says:


    We are now watching you. We are concerned about these so called “distinctions” as that sounds very emergent to us. At the board meeting we discussed your time line and thought it was very good, yet seemed to not be focused enough on just the Reformation.

    Also, we are concerned that you do not use bombastic lanugage as that means you are not fighting hard enough in the Truth War. We must be like Mega Reformed Pastor, John MacArthur’s and my personal mentor, Pastor Ken Silva. We know that God inspired Elijah to curse and mock God’s enemies, so that justifies our mocking and judge those that disagree with OUR Holy Doctrines.

    So take notice that we are watching and we pray you will stand with us in this protecting our Sovereign God and keep His truth of OUR doctrines pure from apostates. In doing so we will keep the gate to heaven narrow so only those of us who are pure and holy by OUR doctrines can make it into Heaven.

    Our biggest concern though is that you seem to have a lot of “social gospel” posts on your blog. You seem concerned less with Rick Warren and overly concerned with persecuted Christians using “relevant” examples like INXS songs. Mostly you deny the “limited atonement” which puts you right in the Brian McLaren camp. With just these few examples we really wonder which camp you live in? We suspect you might be a closet emergent trying to pervert the SBC and it’s historical Reformed ways. I cannot imagine what Luther and Calvin and the rest would say if the Southern Baptists of their day began to fall away from the Reformed theology!!!!

    Keeping Watch,

    I. Todyaso


  5. struggle4laodicea says:


    I too noticed that Mr Galyon used a rather questionable song, from questionable musicians to make a point. If I recall correctly, the lead singer of INXS Michael Hutchence died, allegedly, from either a) suicide or b) autoerotic asphyxiation. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/INXS. Now, if Mr Galyon had quoted from say Madonna (whom we have chronicled here before) things might be different. But Hutchence was bad news! I don’t know any preacher worth their salt who quotes from such deviants.

    Interestingly enough, I just popped over to Mr Galyon’s site and guess what? More heresy: This time it is the Eurythmics!!!!! (http://drjamesgalyon.wordpress.com/2008/05/14/missionary-man/) Now I think we are fully justified calling his salvation and sanctificationalism into question. We are dealing with a full blown heretic of the most serious kind!!!!!

    I think we should be watching this blog carefully so that we can continue to warn those who are in laodicea, the ones we are struggling for.



  6. Ken Silva says:

    Well, if I might quote the great Doug Pagitt: Wow wow wow, just…and I can’t stress this enough…wow.


  7. itodyaso says:

    Dearst Pastor Ken and my affectionate Uncle,

    Yes, when we read your writing we also are inspired to say, “Wow”… but we do not repeat it more than three times as we do not want to be accused of using it as a mantra. We are now concerned you used it four times. Are you now allowing Yoga style mantras or was this a bit of a slip. Though it seems Ingrid allows for some Contemplative Prayer as long as it is from the Puritans,(PDF file)

    So we are still keeping a vigilant eye on Slice of Laodicea as they seem to allow CP in the back door on Ingrid’s kinder and gentler blog. But we do not stand for comprise just as you do not.

    We will still adore and come as close to worshiping you as much as we can without committing idolatry.

    Keep up the great work you do in the Truth War.

    Your affectionate nephew,
    I. Todayso


  8. Ken Silva says:


    Seriously man, have you thought of taking a course in reading comprehension? You say: “Ingrid allows for some Contemplative Prayer as long as it is from the Puritans.”

    But she says: “The Puritan’s taught the importance of meditation on God’s Word.” And the source you both reference completely backs her statement up:

    “The Puritans never tired of saying that biblical meditation involves thinking upon the Triune God and His Word. By anchoring meditation in the living Word, Jesus Christ, and God’s written Word, the Bible, the Puritans distanced themselves from the kind of
    bogus spirituality or mysticism that stresses contemplation at the expense of action, and flights of the imagination at the expense of biblical content.”

    I think you ought to stick to some Dr. Suess for awhile and leave the research to someone else because the above is absolutely not Contemplative Prayer/Meditation taught by Quaker Guru Richard Foster. And we ain’t family right now hoss.


  9. itodyaso says:

    I am begining to believe this is not really Pastor Ken Silva but an Emergent impostor trying to trap me.

    Here is a quote from the PDF I mentioned that proves Ingrid is right in the same camp as Foster.

    “We rightly criticize those who engage in transcendental meditation and other mind relaxing exercises because these practices are connected with false religions, such as Buddhism and Hinduism, and have nothing to do with Scripture. Such forms of meditation focus on emptying the mind to become detached from the world and to merge with the so-called Cosmic Mind, not to attach to, listen to, and to be active for a living, personal God. Yet, we can learn from such people the importance of quiet reflection and prolonged meditation.” (PDF FILE)

    As you can see Ingrid is quoting a person that is saying “we can learn from such people the importance of quiet reflection and prolonged meditation.”

    One cannot condemn all forms of meditation and contemplative prayer (ie Lectio Divina) as you and Ingrid have condemned over and over and then tell people it is OK.
    Our and your world is too black and white for compromise of any sort.

    So check your sources and please who ever you really are do not embarrass yourself by imitating Pastor Ken Silva, you seem much to ignorant to compete with his intellect and spiritual gifts.

    And of course repent if you are regenerate.

    I. Todyaso

    And who is Carlos? I signed this I Todyaso not Carlos… talk about reading dysfuntion.


  10. James Galyon says:

    Thanks for letting me know I’m now under surveillance…


  11. itodyaso says:

    We are here to help.

    I Todyaso


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