I am offended that I could not be offended!

Rick Warren has invited many important discernmentalists but seems to have overlooked some of us who are truly called of God to judge and condemn such as him. It seems while Ingrid of Slice of Laodicea was invited (who denied the invite so wonderfully in all the Grace she has.) Some of us were not invited that do have real Discernmentalist gifts.

Some though seemed to lack judgement and missed the opportunity to deny Rick Warren his opportunity of deceive even the Elect, still agreed to go see this apostate evangelical Pope who plans world domination with his diabolical Purpose Driven World! Now what worries me is that Chris Rosebrough is going into the den of Satan himself! He was already censored and told not to live blog at the convention. I suspect that Chris R will not even be allowed time to speak and voice his concerns of the Great Apostasy that is being promoted. Please pray that Chris Rosebrough will be guarded in all OUR doctrines of the Great Reformers and not be swayed by the teachings of the Purpose Driven Pope and his ecumenical P.E.A.C.E. plan.

Yet, being the best and greatest discernmentalist that I am, I am offended I was not invited. I am more offended I have not been given the chance to be offended that I was invited so I could write about how I was offended by the invitation and thus deny it in a “grace filled” way Ingrid did. So, I am offended that I was not able to be offended and blame Rick Warren for this offense against me.

Truly offended,

I. Todayso



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