Slice of Moon Pie!: Updated

(Update: Ingrid gives the full story, yet again misses the point and opportunity to attack the cult of Rev. Moon. We also still notice that Ingrid is slipping into contemplative territory as she is quoted from the original article from the video:

“Music Till Dawn will provide a relaxing contemplative atmosphere, where the Holy Spirit can speak to quieted hearts.” 


I wonder if this is from the use of contemplative/meditative prayer she has promoted in the past! I am currently working on a story in my investigation on Slice’s hidden Emergent/Contemplative agenda. It will come out in a couple of days.)

Ingrid promotes the Unification church! I could not believe it. Slice of Laodicea has now gone so far as to promote Rev Moon who claims to be the second coming of Jesus Christ. was a help (I know they are the enemy!) in that they captured this heretical abomination. Just in case Ingrid tries to take it down before she sees the oversight, there is already a full screen capture of her apostasy! Oh the shame!

I could not believe my eyes!

Just when we were winning great gains against apostates like Ravi Zacharias who refused to end the National Day of Prayer by saying, “In Jesus Name” we have Ingrid sliding lower into the pit and not taking every opportunity to show the True Jesus against the cult of Rev. Moon.

Instead she used this opportunity to promote her station!

I am saddened by this.

Now you see why you need to support ministries such as ours. We truly stand alone as we fight in this Truth War. Chris Rosebrough goes to see Rick Warren and Ingrid uses cults to promote her radio station. Please send all donations to this link.

Thanks for helping our cause,

I. Todayso

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