Christian Research Net Supports Ingrid’s Contemplative Backslide! UPDATED!

May 24, 2008

I fear we have snakes in the grass! Vipers even.

I hope it is just an oversight at Christian Research Net who have been true Truth Warriors extraordinaire for some time. I was surprised that even those Apostates over at CRN.(Mis)Info. can see this a mile away, that my own mentor and great Pastor/Teacher/Discernmentalist Giant/ has not seen this!

It seems that Ken Silva is trying to do damage control for Ingrid of Slice of Laodicea. We have shown here in a couple of posts already that Ingrid seems infatuated with the fires of hell themselves and is secretly pushing contemplative prayer through the back door of her own organization.

I first broke the story here with our now world famous video.

Yet is also was apparent that she was up to something some time ago at her “kinder gentler blog”.

Yet, as i dug deeper into her source I was horrified to see this paragraph.

We rightly criticize those who engage in transcendental meditation and other mind relaxing exercises because these practices are connected with false religions, such as Buddhism and Hinduism, and have nothing to do with Scripture. Such forms of meditation focus on emptying the mind to become detached from the world and to merge with the so-called Cosmic Mind, not to attach to, listen to, and to be active for a living, personal God. Yet, we can learn from such people the importance of quiet reflection and prolonged meditation.” (PDF FILE)

I see this now as a very bold move to infiltrate the ODM’s with her hidden agenda to spread contemplative prayer within the ranks of the Truth Warriors.

I believe this started when she interviewed Doug Pagget who is a Yoga Guru Pastor in the Emerging Church under the tutorial and control of Brian McLaren. I see now that she was really opening the door for Doug to push his New Age Yoga on her listeners.

Now with this exposed we need to be more diligent. Chris Rosebrough of Extreme Theology has already gone to the dark side and is thanking Rich Warren, so anything is possible now as Warriors are falling everywhere. Like when we lost Mike Corley when he went to visit Mark Driscoll’s church Mars Hill. (Why name a church after a planet? I believe there is another story of astrological influence there!)

Now is the time to stand more firm on OUR doctrines that save. We need to cast out those who are bringing in the impure teachings to our Churches. Boycott Crosstalk America over their hidden Contemplative agenda today!

Tell them I. Todyaso sent ya!

Updated: If you are not convinced in this Ingrid also uses subliminal messages on her blog. I one is a keen discerner, you will see this on the bottom of the page.

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This is a hidden message to those who are into Contemplative Prayer. Notice that she uses “Mistylook”? This is on the post Meditation the biblical way and uses part of the word, “Mystic”.

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