Michael Horton: Slouching Towards Gomorrah or Risky Business?



I haven’t been writing much lately, and I am sorry about that. Happily, life is taking on new twists and turns and me and my family have been busily looking for our first house. Not only that, but I have been engaging in a major battle of words with that fake dangoldfinch over at Life Under the Blue Sky. Goldfinch is such a fake and I think someone needs to expose him for the fake he is.

Anyhow, here’s what is eating at me today. Michael Horton, professor at Westminister Theological Seminary, author, host of the White Horse Inn, has done something that really, really frightens me. We have learned from other discernmentalists that it is a dangerous thing to use illustrations from pop culture–especially the world of film. I even learned recently that it is against the rules to quote from Dr Seuss when making a point about the Gospel. We agree! There is no place for such childish, and clearly products of the devil in our worship services.

This is why I am so torn up today. White Horse Inn is normally a very reliable resource for getting at the real, hard-core truth. Michael Horton is normally a profound thinker, theologically orthodox Gospelnator. This video episode (from May 18, Selling Jesus) of the White Horse Inn features Michael Horton opening the program with, gasp, an illustration from, I can barely say this without partially regurgitating my unfrostedstrawberry pop tarts, a Tom Cruise movie: Risky Business!

There are many of you in our sphere of influence who, like us, count on the sound expositions of the Gospel by people like Dr Horton, but if we are to do our job correctly, and faithfully, and evenhandedly, then we must call out Dr Horton on this serious transgression of ethics. This is sad, sad, sad and terribly disturbing. We simply cannot stand for Gospelizers who use illustrations from movies that are filled with gratuitous s**, exploitation of women, drug use, alcohol consumption, prostitution, public s**, violence, crime, cigarette smoking, partial nudity, dancing, secular music, and a star actor who is a Scientologist.

Now I know Horton used the illustration as a negative example, and I know this is a radio program and not a ‘church’ per se. Nevertheless, church people watch and listen to the White Horse Inn. I wonder how many hapless Christians will be interested in this film and rush right out to Blockbuster to rent it? I fear this is an example of Dr Horton slouching toward Gomorrah–using a fantastic, scintillating hook to rope people in to the story. I think he could have chosen a better film, say a Christian film like Left Behind or Facing the Giants.

One Holy Movie!

I am calling on Dr Horton to rebuke himself and to edit this videpisode of White Horse Inn to reflect his sincere repentance at this gaffe. The opening few minutes need to be excised so that this terrible illustration from a film about ‘human pleasure’, a film about ‘fleshly indulgence,’ will not be heard by the hapless Christians who cannot tell their right hands from their left feet. Dr Horton: You are hereby on notice! We will continue to warn people of your use of such illustrations and your less than holy approach to teaching people the Gospel. Repent!

I care for you in Laodicea and I want you to know that it pained me to listen to this episode of WHI knowing that I had to listen, at the beginning, to a lengthy description of this horrible film. Please write to the White Horse Inn and let them know that you do not appreciate their use of secular films to make their points, no matter how valid those points may be. These are dangerous times, and we cannot continue this sort of nonsense We need people who will abandon all such illustrations and get back to the truth. Dr Horton has clearly proved that he cannot be trusted here in Laodicea.

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yours for the truth war,


15 Responses to Michael Horton: Slouching Towards Gomorrah or Risky Business?

  1. dangoldfinch says:


    You people are sick. I can’t believe you would mock Dr Horton in this way. Dr Horton is a fine proponent of the faith and to put his face on those Tom Cruise photos is just wrong. You don’t even understand the truth war and you obviously have no idea what is at stake.



  2. itodyaso says:

    Dan Goldfinch,

    When Horton preaches the Gospel of Calvin it is a blessing to all,… The Elect. Yet to use anything by Tom Cruse is blasphemous as he did movies that were soft porn.

    What was not brought out in this article was this Michael Horton/Soft-porn connection.

    Now I see that you are here protecting Dr. Horton and so you also must be into soft porn. I know I have my Eyes Wide Open concerning struggles discernmentalism.

    I would say that if you came and stated that Horton was back to just preaching Calvin, he would drop from our sights, yet to see that he is moving into emergent territory by using a “relevant” example to make a point, even in the negative scares us that the Truth will be lost and God will lose this War We rage for Him in His Name for His sake.

    Did you know that the work relevance is not even in the Bible! That should tell us something about where those emergents are going and where Michael Horton is heading in his unholy union with Tom Cruze that the Emergents.

    You have been warned, and don’t forget Hell is hot in the summer and winter.

    I. Todyaso


  3. dangoldfinch says:


    I’ll wait to here from mr struggles himself on this. I think you are dead wrong. Horton wasn’t trying to be ‘relevent’, he was trying to show just exactly how far lost this culture is without the truth. It is because of the work of preachers/teachers like DR. Horton that this culture is not in any worse shape than it is. He constantly warns us of the dangers the church has fallen into, so I don’t see how this example proves anything. You should be thankful for his work. You should remove that disgraceful picture, as I suspect it was photoshopped. Besides, there is a real difference between using this sort of example on a radio program and using it from a pulpit. Horton is not into ‘soft-core porn’ and I don’t know how you can even insinuate such a thing. You should be thankful that DR. Horton does what he does.


    PS–tell struggles that he needs to remove that line about me being ‘fake.’ I take great offense at that and I might consider it slander and pursue other avenues to have my name cleared.


  4. Jon_Hagy says:


    I am deeply concerned for you my brother. How do you know about Tom Cruise and him being in soft-porn? Have you watched those horrendous films? If you do not repent you might end up in the tribulation and might your soul be saved through that!

    May the antichrist be a real person and not a spirit of the time.
    May preterists, a-millennialists and all other –ists’ scripture references be ripped from my bible
    May the next president of America be somehow be a woman, so that I won’t look ridiculous for agreeing with such prophesy


  5. struggle4laodicea says:


    You have no right to judge me. If I watched these films, any of them–not that I confessing that I did–I did so for research purposes only (or I read about them because another blogger wrote about a review that they read at another blog reviewing reviews.)

    Research is a serious business. It pained me to wat–review the reviews of the reviews of these films.


    I stand by what I wrote. You are a fake. I even noticed today that you have a new blog where you will be chronicling your ‘journey’? What does that mean? We are not on a journey, we have already arrived. Go back to your birdhouse or your fish tank. Loser.



  6. Jon_Hagy says:


    I implore you earnerstly to read what our Lord said in Mattew 5:28 “But I sayeth unto youeth, That whosoevereth looketh on a woman to lusteth after her hath committedeth adultery with her already in his heart. 29And if thy right eye offendeth thee, plucketh it out, and casteth it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be casteth into hell together with all the emergent and democratic devils of the current hour.” (Hagy revised KJV)

    Rather now pluck out your eye that look on these filthy films or even their filth filled reviews and go through the tribulation one eyed than burn in hell together with those Warrennites, Hybellites and Emergenites. As if hell is not hot enough you will have to spend eternity with these heretics.

    Repent brother Struggle and maybe , just my the skin of your scew teeth, you will be saved from going through the tribulation, having to flee for your life from the antichrist and beast.

    May the flames of hell burn hotter

    P.S: You can get the eye plucker tool now from our mail ordering service for a discount amount of $149.99 or the Cutter-Plucker combo for a special at $199.99. If you order now we will not charge you postage.


  7. Struggle,

    You should listen to Pastor Hagy. He knows whereof he speaks.



  8. itodyaso says:

    Jon Hagy,

    Now that special cutter-plucker tool is very useful as a melon slicer. My wife ordered one and though I personally do not need one as am under God’s special anointed special Grace covering. One can which purchase this for $6.66 a month special subscription. I take credit cards. I will also throw my latest anti-Richard Abanes/Rick Warren book for free.

    This is what the “Editor” of CRN has stated about the manuscript I sent to him.

    “I. Todyaso has done it again. I may have to sue him for semi-plagiarism”

    Is that not a great review?

    I. Todyaso


  9. Jon_Hagy says:

    Brother I. Todyaso,

    How dare you use an instrument of God’s wrath on sinful flesh as a kitchen appliance? Don’t you know that mocking instruments of God’s wrath can land you in the tribulation together with brother Struggle? REPENT!

    As you are an anointed writer of semi-plagiarised books that expose those disciples of the antichrist posing as anointed men of God, I will extend grace to you(may God not hold it against me) You may buy a new, clean of all melon, Cutter-Plucker combo from our mail service at a reduced discounted price of $145-99. W will have to charge you postage, delivery and a tax levy on it this time. The government is insisting on taxing me, the anointed president of Jon Hagy ministries. Don’t they know that all profits made go to the needy (not my wife’s jewellery, face lifts and hair perms)?

    May God’s wrath soon fall on that phoney Republican Charles Grassley!
    May Tim LaHaey be recognised as the prophet he poses to be.
    May that Rob Bell new ager stop using my “May …” curses as blessings.

    P.S: I ask all readers of this thread to stand when they read the scripture from the Holy revised by Hagy KJV Bible.


  10. Nick says:

    Dr.Horton is an intellectual idiot. He attacks Christians who try to make a difference in the cultural wars. He gives liberals the intellectual verbiage to attack the Christian coalition type Christians in his book Beyond Cultural Wars. He as a very intellectual message that is very shallow on depth meaning and application. He is a clear product of public schools and public colleges. Send your kids to Christian schools so that they will have a meaningful life message not clouded by secular thinking as demonstrated by Dr. Horton.


  11. R. lyons says:

    The word is sex, not s**. It is not offensive. It is part of God’s creation.


    • itodyaso says:

      S** is dirty unless it is for procreation… it is not for recreation as perverts use it for!

      Shame on you for spelling it out! Now, we cannot have the family rating from those Christian filters! Perv!


  12. This is the most unintelligible, Pharisaical argument I have ever heard. So what you’re saying is the use of any film or book that doesn’t have “Christian” either in the title or Production Company is a sin and/or heresy. I am sorry to sound so harsh but if that’s you’re standard for life then you better go live in a convent or Amish community. I would go on but I feel I would be wasting my time.


  13. Keven Corum says:

    it s excellent blog


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