We Agree: Christians Should Never Have Fun!


I have used this space in the past to warn you of the dangers of a certain blog whose author purports, falsely, to be a trained discernmentalist. It is not easy to come by these skills. I have been fortunate in my young career to be trained by some of the best, including, but not limited to, Itodyaso. The illustrious IT has taught me that discernmentalism is not a fun responsibility. It carries a heavy burden because what is at stake is heavy: The truth. I have learned that the truth war is nothing to scoff at and it is certainly not about fun. People are dying all of the place because the ammunition we use in the truth war doesn’t just impact the surface like a paintball ‘bullet,’ but rather, it penetrates deeply to the source quite like Ben Gay or Preparation H.

In short, we here at ODM do not take this responsibility lightly, but reverently, soberly, and with sincere hearts.

Thus we welcome back to the fold of serious ODM’s our comrade in keyboard, Slice of Laodicea, who sometime yesterday got it right and bravely reminded us of the serious truth that Christians do not have fun–especially on Sunday mornings, especially on Father’s Day, and especially in churches we do not worship with on a regular basis, have never visited, and have not placed our membership, given a tithe or an offering, or participated in a ministry program or evangelistic call or listened to a sermon by the preacher; especially churches we judge because we have one picture sent to us by a spy. In this post, she has warned us of the dangers of staging ‘faux sumo wrestling.’ This is most important because, as we all know, faux sumo wrestling is strictly prohibited in the New Testament.

It is important that we continue showing people all around the world that what defines Christians is not childlike joy, not happiness, not celebration, not fun, not laughter but seriousness, reverence, fear, shuddering, trembling, gloom, despair and agony, Oh me!, deep dark depression, excessive misery. Thank you Slice of Laodicea for reminding us of the dangers of fun, laughter, silliness, and excessive joy. We wouldn’t want any of these things infecting the true church.

And for all the rest of you, get in line! Turn those smiles in frowns!

Grieve, mourn and wail. Change your laughter to mourning and your joy to gloom. 10Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.” (James 4:9-10, NIV)

Remember, I struggle for you.


6 Responses to We Agree: Christians Should Never Have Fun!

  1. Leo says:

    Is this a joke?


  2. struggle4laodicea says:


    You should know better than to even ask such a question. We do not happen to think anything is funny so no, this is not a joke. We find it deplorable that people would have faux sumo wrestling in a church building on a Sunday especially during the high holy days of Father’s Day. That was disgraceful and our esteemed and fearless leader at Slice of Laodicea is correct to judge such an event at missing the point of the Gospel.

    I would recommend that you tone down the rhetoric just a bit sir or we will have to put you on moderation.



  3. Leo says:

    I’m not trying to offend anyone, and it is perfectly fine if you do not want to have that sumo wrestling in your churches, but not have fun ever, then what’s the point of life?


  4. Leo says:

    Nevermind, just nevermind…


  5. Abraham Henry says:

    Listen you stuck up form of an embarrassment to the christian church! I find it embarrassing that you could use such a gift like the internet (from God!), to turn people away from the church by misquoting text! (like the one, you used at the end of your article, to justify this false and embarrassing, misdirected view!). You should be using the internet to lead other into the JOY of Christ!!! Do me a favor and read your whole bible! Here are some texts you should read: 2 Samuel 6: 14-16, Psalms 126:2, Ecc 11:9, etc. Grow up! And let me know what church you attend, so i can know which on NEVER to visit. -Pastor Abraham!!!


  6. itodyaso says:


    1. God calls us to be “stuck up” and not friends with the world. I see you love the world…
    2. Struggles who authored this has gone on and become some wimpy weak wristed girly grace man.
    3. I see the Joy and love oozing from every word you stated! And I like it!
    4. By your statement “read your whole bible” I discern you are some RCC who has add extra books to the bible!
    5. You are not invited to MY church and mots likely would not be let in with your apostate teaching.
    6. I love the spirit of your post, I wish you could find a way to promote OUR doctrines.
    7. This is a parody site silly, don’t get so angry!

    I Todyaso


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