Shoving Planks… and ODM’s are saying this!?!?!

June 21, 2008

Recently I went to that apostate site as I heard Ken Silva was teaching mightily there. I also heard that Pastor John Chisham also known as Pastorboy was there beating the holy tar out of those emerging Warrenites! I was gleeful at first until I came across an accusations by Tim Reed who stated that Pastorboy had told someone to “Take their plank and shove it.”

I was shocked!

I was shocked that an apostate like Tim Reed would rebuke someone as holy as Pastorboy! Yet, I also realized that what Pastorboy stated was unwholesome and nasty and bordered on the homoerotic!

In fact here is his full quote to Tim.

pastorboy Says:
June 9th, 2008 at 8:15 pm

Hey Tim,

Take that plank and shove it. No really, i mean it. No satire. Straight up. I am sick and tired of your false accusations. Be a man and quit attacking me over the computer with your ignorant side comments. You don’t know me! I pray that you get born-again and find out what real love is. “OH PB, you don’t know what real love is” Whatever. If I have a log, yours is a redwood.


UPDATE: Pastorboy claims this was all satire, yet I will point out that he stated: “Take that plank and shove it. No really, i mean it. No satire.” He claims we are lying, yet it is obvious who really is.

 I am appalled at this sort of language. We have taken great pains as such people like Ken Silva and Steve Camp have gone far in revising our Church history to remove anything that might be crass. We love Luther, but deny any foul language or crassness that some claim as total falsehood.

I must state as some other writers here also have, that some ODM’s are losing sight of their own holy standard and becoming much too worldly. As a pastor myself I would tell my own church to leave it or defrock me if I was telling the unsaved or apostate to “Take that plank and shove it.”

Sadly John is not the only one that has stated this sort of thing, but we have given grace in the past, yet now it is sin just running amok in the ODM camp and must be dealt with! Sadly it was another emerging apostate that pointed out Chris Pajak, who sometimes writes for CRN, as stating something very similar! How sad when even apostates and heretics can so easily find sin in our own camp!

If we are to win in this Truth War of higher self righteous standards, we need to live by them.

I call that those who know John Chisham and his church call for his immediate dismissal as pastor at his church, we must keep the sinners like this out. Unless he is truly Elect then he can just repent and keep on sinning.

And John, the eye is painful enough place to have a plank, we do not need new places to shove them into.

Jesus wept,

I. Todyaso

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