Ingrid of Slice of Laodicea Opens Attack on The Online Discernmentalist Mafia! UPDATED NOT ONCE BUT TWICE!

Ingrid Schlueter has openly attacked this site for holding our fellow ODM’s to the high standard that she sets herself. In the past we here have voiced our concerns such as Ingrid’s Slide into contemplative compromise. (See links below!)

Ingrid calls this an “insult blog” yet we insult no one. In fact the high standard she accuses others for not holding we see that she does not hold. She should thank us that God put us here to set her straight from the evil and vile contemplative path she is on.

Now, we do not take offense. Ingrid needs to practise her “discernmetnalist” gift that seems to have been waining the past few months. We are glad to see she has lumped Ray Comfort into the same lump that Ravi Zacharias is in. How dare Ray speak at a Word of Faith conference! He even tries to defend himself from Ingrid of all the nerve! I mean some of those degenerates might have gotten saved!

God is wrathful and hates sinners. So it is good to us that Ingrid of Slice is beginning to see sinners who compromise their faith and risk losing the truth to those who are not saved.

Just remember we here hold the standard to the standard bearers and if they fail we will be here to point it out. And we thank Ingrid for her calling out Ray Comfort in his slide into justifying the Word of Faith Movement.


I might also quote from my “Mentor” Pastor/Teacher/Internet Saviour Ken Silva something to consider in her addressing me.

“What I wish to bring out is how easy, and I’ll argue arrogant as well, it is for people to simply disregard the teaching of someone like myself … I am very surprised to see you so quick in attempting to instruct someone like me whom Jesus has called as one of His pastor-teachers.” ~ Ken Silva

Also, Ingrid, does your pastor know you are attempting to usurp the authority of men in the pulpit like myself? Have you not read in scripture women should remain quite?

Serving Jesus in the fields of apologetics, Comparative Religion and evangelizing non-Christian cults for over 25 years,

I. Todyaso


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We noticed a slight up rise in hits from the attack from Ingrid yesterday. Yet, what astounds us most is that with the huge audience that Ingrid has, beards was the greater search word. Even combining all the “online discernmentalist mafia” searches beards won. Yes, Ingrid is sending us traffic yet beards is of more interest than a hit piece by Slice.

Search Views
beards 23
online discernmentalist mafia 21
mark driscoll 9
beard styles 7
the secret 7
stupidity 3
online discernment mafia 3
“online discernmentalist mafia” 2
todd friel 2
wolf sheep 2


UPDATE 2: July 3rd was one of the highest days in a long time though not the highest we have had. Though we had 206 hits you can see below more people came here to read about “beards” than came here through the search engine looking for the term “Online discernmentalist Mafia” or its variations. I was suspect that all that extra traffic was from the attack and thought that on the 4th of July the attack would greatly intensify from all the readers of Slice. Yet, it seems it has not. In fact is was one of our slower days with 111 hits.


Search Views
beards 15
sneeze 6
beard styles 4
stupidity 4
the secret 3
online discernmentalist mafia 3
benny hinn 2
glass of water 2
4 horsemen of the apocalypse 2
how can one be rich and call themselves 1

Again. beards won.


So far today July 5th the search terms do not even have Online Discernmenatalist Mafia or variants at all. It seems we are no longer under attack. Currently at 8:51 we are at 67 hits and rising.


Search Views
beards 8
beard styles 4
mark driscoll 3
sneeze 2
madonna copy 2
wrath of god 2
pastor benny hinn 2
benny hinn 1
god pillar of fire 1
gods wrath 1

3 Responses to Ingrid of Slice of Laodicea Opens Attack on The Online Discernmentalist Mafia! UPDATED NOT ONCE BUT TWICE!

  1. Will Farel XV says:

    It seems that these attacks on the esteemed DiscernMENTALists are increasing. The newest trend is to unveil their true identities: (This is from that heretic hang out CRN.Info)

    iggy Says:
    July 4th, 2008 at 12:50 am
    Is this the face of Ken Silva?

    We know how very dangerous this is. The identity of a true Discernmentalist is secret and should stay that way.

    Read my very important post on this.


  2. That’s why there’s a new blog up for just that purpose of unmasking these discernmentalists!


  3. […] My mentor, the esteemed Discernmentalist Pastor-Teacher Ken Silva, used similar logic to arive at this conclusion of Brian McLaren and Pastor-Teacher Ken Silva is […]


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