This week in the Truth Wars! Ken Silva… the saga of evil!

I am saddened… We lost two giants in the ODM world… then one reappeared! Glory!


Jim Bublitz has closed his blog down as he is sick… and on a very serious note, please pray for Jim as he may need a transplant of some kind. He was known for his kindness toward those evil and vile emergents. His wit and wisdom was one of a kind and he will sorely be missed by those he attacked in the name of the Truth War.


Ken Silva pulled a quick one on all of us. In the spirit of Slice of Laodicea, he was forced to delete his entire blog because some sap threatened to sue him. How unchristian of that fellow! And so unbiblical!


On another note, Ingrid was able to force her hand again with her wonderful lawyers and shut down a site that noted she once had a boyfriend who did drugs, and she might have had some insight into that lifestyle. It is great that she was able to do this again as she once was able to get those heretics at (comment #22) to change a post she felt harmed her. I think this is great that we can live in a land where we can force the Truth War by any means on those heretics.


In the end, Ken was able to save his site and moved to another ISP. There he can still write freely against those who are for Pope Rick Warren. This fellow was so threatened by the slander research opinions of Ken he turned to worldly ways to stop him. Note that Ken’s donations were down so this came at a great time for him. He orchestrated his plan in such a wonderful way!


Cheers to Ken.


Blessed to use Jesus to judge and condemn other,


I. Todyaso

2 Responses to This week in the Truth Wars! Ken Silva… the saga of evil!

  1. Itodyaso,
    Is that where Snoop dogg got the inspiration for “Ingrid – Smoke a Doobie”?


  2. itodyaso says:


    Since there is an epademic of sue happy ODM’s and anti ODM’s, I must say I cannot confirm or deny this a true. If that is Snoop Doggs, inspiration, then shame on her. Yet, for some reason I doubt this to be true. But, again, she did use lawyers to shut down a site that was digging in her past.

    I. Todyaso


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