Jesus is our weapon

July 31, 2008



Recent events have made me think again. Often people preach Jesus as a loving and caring person. He is not. He hates everyone that does not believe OUR doctrines. If you do not tow our line of belief-ism, then you are going to hell.

That is our Gospel. That is our truth. The truth warriors have realized that Jesus is our weapon.

With him we can judge and condemn anyone we want.

Now, we are the Elect, so there is no need to worry about judging others. That is why God placed us here and why God gifted us! If we do not share the Good News that people are going to Hell, then no one will.

Jesus is our weapon, we can use Him to abuse those who we deem less deserving of God’s grace than we are.

So, we encourage all those who follow the Online Disernmentalist Mafia Creed to go forth in joy knowing you are doing the will of our Doctrine and Our God.

Sola Scriptura!

I. Todyaso

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