Rumors about Ingrid of Slice!


Ingrid of Slice and I talked a bit the other day. She confirms she is NOT PREGNANT. I wish that this persecution of her would stop. It seems some out there will stop at nothing to spread rumors and lies about others. She was very upset and stated that comments like that make this site look mean and hurt her on a personal level. Of course we are mean as that is our calling as Truth Warriors and how we fight for the truth as as walk in the Ways of the Master Discernmentalist. Yet, stuff like that is uncalled for.

On another note, I hear Richard Abanes may be pregnant.

Keep fighting that war for OUR Truth with what ever it takes,

I. Todyaso

16 Responses to Rumors about Ingrid of Slice!

  1. fishhawk says:

    The Online Discernmentalist Mafia has been included in this weeks FIVE FOR FRIDAY on AsTheCrackerheadCrumbles. I hope you like the image that I featured, and I hope this sends many your way.

    P.S.: I tried to leave a comment on the post that the featured image belongs unto last night, but it was discarded. Probably because of this site being closed at the time, I would hope.


  2. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Richard Abanes


  3. Paula says:

    This is relevant… how?


  4. Informed Researcher says:

    Please, try to make a genuine attempt at growing up.


  5. itodyaso says:


    Boy are you out of the loop. It is relevant because Ingrid stated something that some took to mean she was pregnant on her show. Then someone reported that here. I mean if Ingrid is taken down for a while we will need to all work harder. Yet, when I finally caught up with Ingrid she assured me she was NOT pregnant. So now our worries are not needed.

    Now that you are caught up. Please return to your purpose of drivel.

    I. Todyaso


  6. itodyaso says:

    Informed Researcher,

    Thank you for rebuking Richard. If he is pregnant he does need to get more serious about this war as he will have a child to think of and not his own purpose driven ways.

    I. Todyaso


  7. Answer says:

    Richard Abanes, grow the hell up. Paula, this is what started it. This was posted at this site earlier.

    news? Says:
    July 20, 2008 at 10:38 am

    this site makes me laugh. breaking news-iggy–have you heard that slice might be history again soon or at least not what it was? word has from my sis who heard it it that she was on a radio show in atlanta last week and apologized for having canceled the week before due to-get this-morning sickness–that’s what she heard. she was also supposedly gone from slice for several days for uh, rest, but it looks like its the morning heaves. if true, its gonna be sad news for all of us. can u find out somehow? its not like you can email and ask i guess post something in comments here or crninfo if you do find out. im afraid i might get sued if i leave my real mail…lol.


  8. itodyaso says:


    I hope that we all realize the hardship that rumors can cause others. Even if Ingrid stated this from her own lips and someone heard it, we should not listen to what Ingrid says, but only what she means. It is like this site. I say a lot of stuff and of course I believe it all as I researched it mostly myself as well as my esteemed colleges Dr. Spurgeon and Struggles. We together work hard bringing the cutting edge Truth from the frontier of the Truth War. We are often war torn ourselves and attacked on every side. Sometimes this attack even comes from those we seek only to better as we try to hold some who may have slipped off the narrow road of OUR doctrines to the high standard they hold over others.

    Recently, Ray Comfort sent flowers to Ingrid and this seems to have some up in arms saying she is caving in. Good Grief! Ingrid does not cave in. She stands tall in all humility against people who we disagree with. In fact we need all mirror her in her actions, words and deeds.

    Again, though, do not listen to what she says, only listen to what she means. That way rumors will not spread and she will not get hurt from people hearing what she says and taking it wrong.

    I. Todyaso


  9. Paula says:

    Thank you todyaso. DO you confirm you are not being treated for PMS? And that English is a second language for you?


  10. Paula says:

    Answer, thank you for the clarifcation. I am out of the loop a bit as far as that is concerned because I am in a location with less access… and it’s summer.

    But as far as Richard is concerned it’s like those blasted daytime soaps (which I honestly tried to watch one summer, since my sisters and my friends all did…) You can tune out for weeks and turn it on again and they haven’t progressed at all. But sometimes it is funny to tune in just to see the atrociously bad acting to go along with the contrived writing.

    And the analogy continues —
    You end up sitting there going “there aren’t really people that live like this are there?”


  11. OK, so the pregnancy rumor is dead. How about a DUI in 1993 in Long Beach, California?


  12. itodyaso says:

    Now, SC…

    There is no way that one can be true. I mean we are talking about Ingrid of Slice. Yet, if it is… is it not under the Blood of Jesus?

    The only one’s we need to dig dirt up about are people like Tim Reed or Doug Paggett. There is no need to dig dirt up from those we already know are truly Elect by their OWN doctrinal beliefs.

    So… if you have anything on someone like that “iggy” guy…. we really want to get that painted girl of Sodom! Ingrid struggles with hating he so bad we need to knock him down if we can.

    I. Todyaso


  13. itodyaso says:


    I am a male, so as far as you implying I have PMS seems a bit below the belt. So, no unlike some of the other ODM’s I am not being treated for PMS… which might explain some actions of a few of the ODM’s out there. If I was, then things like blaming someone else for spreading rumors about pregnancies instead of realizing that my own words on my own station started the rumor… would not happen.

    Also, I grew up in the Midwest and attended public school here in America, so yes English is a foreign language to me. The English speak with a funny accent while Americans speak much clearer. If you don’t believe me just try listening to BBC. It is almost impossible to understand them!

    Now that is all cleared up,

    I. Todyaso


  14. Answer says:

    DUI, Itodyaso? Have you ever heard the word ‘actionable’? You’d better pray that Ingrid doesn’t see that one or you’re toast.


  15. itodyaso says:


    Note that I did not state it. It was someone else who did. in fact I stated “there is no way that one can be true.” Note also I stated that if it was, it is under the Blood of Jesus? So really it seems I defended her, why would she be angry for that?

    So if she is angry then she need set her vengance on Smirking Monkey and not me as I never brought it up nor stated it was true…

    I have no idea if it is, nor do I really care.

    I. Todyaso


  16. ANSWER: Richard Abanes, grow the hell up.

    RAbanes: What are you talking about. I didn’t create this. I am laughing at my head on a pregnant woman, that’s all. Goodness, gracious, people.


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