Spurgeon Coffee Mug!

August 24, 2008

You’ve seen it here… The Spurgeon coffee mug. Who can live without your daily Spurgeon.





Bigfoot still hates me!

August 24, 2008

Fellow warriors,

This heavy persecution from Bigfoot is really taking it’s toll on me. I ask you to pray that God’s full vengeance is set against him. When I talk to Vietnam vets they describe the horror of war. I too understand as one of the front warriors in this Truth War against all of God’s enemies. , PDL’ers, liberals, and missing link primates all seem to hate me. I hold up the high standard of those who fight daily in this truth war. Remember, it is people like me who see fit to attack those who hate OUR doctrines.

Finances are just not coming in. I am forced to not only preach at my church of 5 but also must take a day job to support my continual war against the enemies of OUR doctrines that make us Elect and give us that special grace others only wish they could have.

I am so persecuted by these reprobates that I too know what a person that has fought in war. I am a martyr for OUR doctrines. Please stand with me. Pray a pox on all who oppose and hate me. Even some of our faithful brother and sister ODM’s have turned against me for holding their standard up for them.

My banner is still waving, just as the those Great Marines in that famous picture. Together we must stand for our fragile truth and protect it now more than ever. We must not let those that oppose us have any victory in Christ and stumble into heaven. Imagine having to share your mansion with Tony Jones, Doug Pagett, Rick Warren or Bigfoot. What a horror that would be.

I know that my own church is small, but this blog ministers to thousands if not ten’s or thousands and I know that you also feel as I do about this truth war. Together will must stand and protect God, country and OUR doctrines as we understand them.


Taking a stand and filling the gap for you,

I. Todyaso

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