Paula of Purpose Drivel obsessed with Richard Abanes’ Testicles!

Recently I attempted to stop the evil and vile rumors that Ingrid of Slice was pregnant. Someone reported hearing from Ingrid’s mouth on her radio show that she may not be doing her show as she had “morning illness”. After confirming with Ingrid I made sure to report this as not true and told the person who heard Ingrid say this to stop saying she said it.




I am shocked beyond belief. Even horrified at the blog posting at Purpose Drivel. It seems that Paula aka terrigal is obsessing over Richard Abanes’ testicles! Now, I would have overlooked this warrior for the Truth War and this indiscretion had she not asked me to confirm certain questions she had about Richard’s testicles. Personally, I have never taken the time to consider another man’s testicles nor would I even think of bringing them up in discussion. Yet, since these questions were asked of me, I feel compelled to answer and then ask a few of my own questions.


First off, Paula, I never was asked by you the original questions, yet, you published lies concerning my answers. You stated:


“yes, Itodyaso reports that Richard Abanes confirms he does indeed still have two testicles”


“yes, Itodyaso reports that Richard Abanes confirms he does NOT yet have low testosterone.”

or even

“yes, Itodyaso reports that Richard Abanes confirms he does NOT have prostate issues!”



Now, I cannot confirm or deny Richard still has two testicles.


I also cannot confirm or deny Richard does not yet have low testosterone.


I also cannot confirm or deny Richard does not have prostate issues.


Now that is cleared up, here are my questions.


I assume Paula is married. Yet, if she is not, then why is a virgin who should be seeking the purity of Christ Jesus and OUR doctrines, who is fighting for OUR truth and doctrines so obsessed with Richard’s testicles. I believe Richard is married. So personally I believe his testicles are only the business of himself, his wife and maybe his doctor. If Paula is married that is even worse! Why is a married woman obsessing over another man’s testicles that are not her own husbands! I believe that is a close to adultery as one can come according to the bible. The real question is does Paula’s husband have testicles since he lets his wife publicly obsess over another man’s testicles. Also, I wonder how someone like Ken Silva allows you to defend him as you do. It seems that this is way below the high standard we set as the one’s that hold and protect the Truth of OUR doctrines.


This is nasty, perverted and sick…


Since I was forced to put this much thought in all of this, I will say this much. Whether you agree with Richard or not, one must say in how he stood up to so many of us Truth Warriors he must have a set of brass ones.


Repent Paula, your mind seems to be in the emergent gutter and that is no place for a real lady truth warrior. Repent and return the high standard we set for others. I should have wondered when you asked me of the relevance of all this in the comments. We all know that relevance is very emerging and has no place on our side of this Truth War.


Truly saddened and disgusted by this,


I. Todyaso

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