CRN asks a “serious” question..

CRN asks a “serious” question.. Why does the emerging church snub Benny Hinn?


I guess as I read this I found the question a really good one then realized that maybe CRN is endorsing Benny Hinn! How sad it is when a great site and our great leader endorses Benny Hinn over the emerging church! I agree with Ken Silva that we need to never let a gay person in one of OUR churches. Yet to ask the emerging church to accept Benny Hinn as if he was gay, is sadly showing the wear and tear on judgment some of my fellow “Truth Warriors” are having.


I might suggest that someone like Tony

 Jones has never denied Benny Hinns “salvation experience”


Note that in an interview which the transcript itself is on Apprising Miserys site:


Tony:So John tell me this though…what about people who follow Christ, confess Jesus, belong to churches, and have never had that? They consider themselves children of God who are created in the image of God…maybe they’re Catholic, maybe they’re Epsicopalian, maybe they’re Lutheran…and they have not had…now I’m not… I’m not disparaging your personal kind of…salvation conversion experience.

It’s very powerful, a lot of people have had it. But a lot of people haven’t. But a lot of people live faithful lives, they serve Jesus, they read their Bibles… If they’ve not had that same kind…what if they just understand God differently than you because surely, yes of course…

Of course this is a “serious” question of the emerging church, but to have Ken Silva say we are to be saved by our “experience” which it seems Benny Hinn may have had, and then say Tony Jones the former Headmaster himself of the emerging church say otherwise seems to be that Ken misses his own former victories!

I might also add this. Benny Hinn is against gay sex. Yep, here is a video where he is against it. So Mr. Silva must have slipped up in his “research” on the “serious” question.


Again, we need to pray for Ken Silva as he seems to be slipping in his discernmentalist powers.







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