What is CRN and SoL really promoting?



In my spare time I will go and read CRN and SoLto see what my fellow Truth Warriors are up to. I was very excited to see another hit piece against Obama and Rick Warren and with great anticipation clicked on the link provided only to be shocked! I tried to focus on the article but seemed only to fixate on a curvasous Anne Coulter dressed ever so provocatively. It was as if Ann Coutler was possessed by the spirit of Ingrid’s “little girls of Sodom”. I must confess I tried really hard to ignore this sensual display that was laid out before me by CRN and SoL and forgot to read the article they had linked to. How disheartening it is to see my fellow Truth Warriors fall to using smut to attack those that need to be attacked. Let them know that this is unacceptable. Ann Coulter holds nothing back as to what she is selling and it seems that CRN and SoL have decided to support this sort of smut with their linking to them.




This post was sponsered by Ann Coulter

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