SoL and CRN promotes John MacArthur’s enemy David Clouds new book! Updated!

December 24, 2008


Can it be my fellow Discernmentalists have begun to wane such that they will stoop even to use Our Way of the Master Guru John MacArthur enemies books against others. Both SoL and AM linked to a book by David Cloud who has viciously attacked Guru John MacArthur over the years. How sad that Ingrid and Ken Silva would need to use one of out enemies books to attack the mystic pushing Henri Nouwen. I am concerned that Ken and Ingrid now must use others attackes research instead of making things updoing their own fantastic research. I pray that laziness has not entered Camp Discernmentalist.

Now the real concern is that if SoL and Ken Silva now give credibility to David Cloud, the what of what he has stated about John MacArthur? Or are we now going to trust that others can parse through David Clouds writings and understand that David Clouds only lies about John MacArthur but if David Cloud agrees with us he is on our side?

This is almost too much to bear, times are a changing!

I. Todyaso


Update: Here is a quote from David Cloud’s site concerning John MacArthur..

“MacArthur also sells dangerous books in his church bookstore. When Rick Miesel of the Biblical Discernment Ministries visited the bookstore in 1993, he found many dangerous titles. For sale was Henri Nouwen’s The Wounded Healer. Nouwen is a Roman Catholic mystic and a universalist who believes the gospel is not sufficient in this age, and he offers a mystical psychological/sociological gospel in its place. Also for sale was Chuck Colson’s book The Body, which calls upon evangelicals and Roman Catholics to join forces. Colson, whose wife is a Roman Catholic, said, “The body of Christ, in all its diversity, is created with Baptist feet, charismatic hands, and Catholic ears–all with their eyes on Jesus.”



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