Oh what to believe… what to believe….



Only a couple of months ago I was attacked by Ingrid Schlueter for stating that someone who listened to her radio show heard her say she had “morning illness”. That person took it to mean that Ingrid had morning sickness and was pregnant. I contacted Ingrid who angerly stated she was not and told me to stop lying about such things. Yet now I understand she has post this!

“A few weeks ago, I learned that we are expecting a new baby at our home. It took several days for the shock to wear off for both Tom and me. Then the worry set in. I am 42, I had serious complications and a premature baby last time around. ”

Now Ingrid was clear that she was not and made me feel badly for even insinuating that a listener stated what they heard from her own mouth only a few months ago.

So I am forced to not believe this great news if it was true. Ingrid most likely is not pregnant and once again is unintentionally spreading rumors about herself.

So please do not believe a word she says as this is no laughing manner. People should be ashamed at spreading rumors and lies about her.

I. Todyaso

P.S. If any reader knows where to locate traditional maternity clothes please drop me an email. I am disgusted by what I see in shops and online. ingrid@vcyamerica.org.

If it does turn out to be true I give my sincere congrats and prayers.


3 Responses to Oh what to believe… what to believe….

  1. Paula says:

    Do you have ANY clue how personal and intimate this particular joke is to a woman? ANY woman, let alone a woman who nearly died the last time she delivered a baby, and who may very well die this time around? GROW UP. BE A MAN and start treating women with a little dignity and respect.


  2. itodyaso says:


    Have you stopped the obsession over Richard Abanes’ testicles?

    Now I am offended you see that Ingrid’s pregnancy is a joke. I do not see that as a joke at all as seem to do. I am only trying to do as Ingrid wishes and not make her angry again. She was very angry when someone stated that she sounded like she said she was pregnant last time and I do not want to make that mistake again.

    So if she is, shame on you for saying Ingrid being pregnant is a joke… how cruel is that! In fact I do not see pregnancy as a joke at all but a miracle… so you calling it a joke is truly offensive.

    As far as growing up…. please do so as if you think Ingrid’s pregnancy let alone pregnancy is a joke, you need serious help.

    I am just confused over why she was so angry and now seems to be as I reported earlier. I reported it as true and she denied it and was angry… so what am I to do and believe from her?

    I. Todyaso


  3. AnonymousJane says:

    Am I the only one having a hard time understanding why Ingrid is so offended by this pic? I don’t get it.


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