Just When I Thought I Could Say “Amen”…


Take A Stand Ministries “”Now in our 26th year of standing for truth!” have used their bible based satellite system (BS) to sift absolute truth from horrendous Rick Warren prayer drivel. A hardened apologist with 2 weeks under his belt noted “We have Eric to thank for his expertise in being a sharp shooting saviour of truth discernmentalism!” Barger explains “I have researched Islam for many years.” no doubt with the use of his carefully calibrated billion dollar BS system. He further articulated “Isa” in no way represents the Jesus of the Bible ” Another unnamed apologist spoke up at the discernmentalist conference trying to expose this fallacy “Could it be” he said inquisitively ” that Warren was simply trying to use Isa as an apologetic to point them using the Quaranic reference to the REAL Jesus?” Thankfully our Robot Researchers quickly muzzled any views that were a) confused with support of Warren b) showed any rationality c) used opposing discernment skills (Like the ones used by William Lane Craig or Ravi Zacharias)

The Online Discernmentalist Mafia will come against anyone and everyone who attempts to think clearly and does not depend on such technologies as the billion dollar bible based satellite system (BS).

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