A Very Serious Note.

February 2, 2009

Apparently someone has hacked Ingrid’s site. Though we may have fun and push the limits at times with that fun we do not believe in hacking an other’s sites. I am asking that whoever may have done so to never do so again and to return her site to how it was if possible.

Again, this is serious and I am truly saddened that anyone would do this let alone place my name as if I was part of it. Hacking is wrong, illegal, unethical and we here consider it an act of vandalism.

We are not amused and see this as truly crossing the line and even an attack against me personally.

Unfortunately, if this behavior continues, I will close this site down.

iggy aka I. Todyaso

Ingrid of Slice of Laodicea: The closet Roman Catholic?

February 2, 2009



I again was shocked! Often Ingrid will echo Ken Silva’s well educated stance that everything Roman Catholic is evil, bad, satanic and antichrist. We here all know that there is no way that God will and wants to save those Roman Catholics. Yet, once again I was shocked and totally let down when I read this:


I recently watched a program on EWTN, the Catholic TV channel. While I disagree on some things, their teachings on family and God’s plan for motherhood is beautiful and helpful, and is utterly absent in freak show evangelical television.


Once again we begin to wonder if there is a secret agenda that is contrary to true Discernmentalism. It was only since Christmas that I pointed out that Ken Silva stated that observing Advent was RCC and not acceptable and Ingrid was excited that she was going to observe Advent! Ken did nothing in rebuking Ingrid and failed at his duty to warn others of this major slip! So we will fill the gap and your heads with the Truth as we perceive it and let it be warned, Ingrid is under the influence of the RCC and should be suspect as Richard Foster, Dallas Willard and any others who used teachings from the RCC.







Slice of Laodicea – Now Non-Interactive!

February 2, 2009


Slice of Laodicea is “a news and commentary site regarding the state of the contemporary evangelical church.” Once an interactive discernment ministry – the sight is now new and improved with complete NON-INTERACTION! That’s right folks…now the conduit is one way, better, fast, cleaner and smoooooother. Slice of Laodicea, new and improved….think of it as a bluer kind of white. Where ever, and when ever the Evangelical church is going down the tubes and into the gutter – Slice will not make nice.


With the new and improved sight you will be able to read it without the inconvenience of having to give feedback. Non of the extra work of you having to think.


Just like us – keeping you informed so you don’t have to do the thinking yourself – the Discernmentalist Mafia!


William Lane Craig Outsmarts Himself

February 2, 2009


William Lane Craig in a debate against an avowed atheist shocked everyone when he suddenly outsmarted himself. The Online Discernmentalist Mafia quoted him as saying “I was utterly shocked!” The moderator for the debate suggested to William Lane Craig that he better tie one hemisphere of his brain behind his back before engaging “a formidable foe or worse a Discernmentalist Ministry.” Somewhat coy, Craig relented and will now restrain 50% of his brain matter in all debates.




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