Slice of Laodicea – Now Non-Interactive!


Slice of Laodicea is “a news and commentary site regarding the state of the contemporary evangelical church.” Once an interactive discernment ministry – the sight is now new and improved with complete NON-INTERACTION! That’s right folks…now the conduit is one way, better, fast, cleaner and smoooooother. Slice of Laodicea, new and improved….think of it as a bluer kind of white. Where ever, and when ever the Evangelical church is going down the tubes and into the gutter – Slice will not make nice.


With the new and improved sight you will be able to read it without the inconvenience of having to give feedback. Non of the extra work of you having to think.


Just like us – keeping you informed so you don’t have to do the thinking yourself – the Discernmentalist Mafia!


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