The Regulatory Principle



If one follows The Regulatory Principle, then they will cleanse the church. In fact, I believe one principle Challies leaves out is the “Scat” principle of telling undesirables to “scat” and leave your church. Deep in the bowels of every church there is something that needs to be cleansed. We know though that new movements are not always pleasant and should be taken with a balance examination as they appear.

With the proper examination of the movements, we then can tell if our church is healthy. A soft church is not always good nor is a hard church good… but a preferred balance between will give the attendee a pleasant experience and they too may be moved as they attend your church. But beware of those that are never moved or release to much at one time… they may not be healthy and should be pushed out of your church as they may cause damage to it.

Eventually by using the Regulatory Principle, you will see your church purged of all impurities. In fact we will not have to fear being a skid mark on the garment of Jesus… or as our beloved leader of the Truth War John MacArthur states it from his Holy Book, the “Truth Wars” concerning the language Jude uses in Scripture:


“employs his strongest and most vivid language: “On some have mercy with fear, hating even the garment polluted by the flesh” (v. 23 NASB) . . .
. . . The expression Jude employs is shocking. It is as course as any expression in the Scripture. Jude uses a Greek word for “garment” that signifies underwear and a word for “polluted” that means “stained in a filthy manner; spotted and stained by bodily functions”. He is comparing the defilement of false teaching to soiled underwear.” (Truth War, page 181)


And so from God’s mouth to John MacArthur’s hand, to his pen to his holy writ, we have the Regulatory Principle in all its glory.


I. Todyaso

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