Ken Silva calls Ingrid “Manly”!

February 10, 2009


I had to read it more than once to make sure I read the insult against Ingrid. She is all woman and possible pregnant (which according to the Bible only real women get pregnant) and I understand that she may have some serious concerns over this pregnancy. (We truly are praying for her about this and consider that no joking matter.) Yet Ken Sivla has decided to give the backhand to a pregnant woman!

I’m on record as stating that my friend Ingrid Schlueter often acts in a way much more manly than many effete evangelical bloggers blogging about nothing. ~ Ken Silva

Pastor/Teacher/Guru/Internet Savant/master of puppets/fan of the Goo Goo Dolls, Ken Silva, it is bad enough to change Ingrid’s post title on Ted Haggard implying you want him to repent and stop bad mouthing real conservative American Christians like us. Yes, that is an insult to we who are truly of The spirit of The Truth War. How dare you even suggest Ted Haggard is haggard2worthy of repentance and returning to the pulpit! But to then attack Ingrid Schuelter and call her a man is way below the belt.

Ken I suggest you never show your face anywhere and hide like a coward until you repent of your insults against Ingrid!

Slice promotes Dr. Ruth Sex Expert.

February 10, 2009



I am shocked and outraged! Not that Ingrid attacks Mark Driscoll over teaching about sex and often using the bible to do so, but that SoL seems to be promoting sex in it’s own way! Yes, it seems Ingrid is very knowledgeable about sex herself…


Ingrid seems fixated on sex and can seem to muster images out of no where… “Christian Dominatrix”, “Painted girls of Sodom”, and now Dr. Ruth Westheimer are being regularly referenced. Now I can turn a blind eye to Ingrid indulging in an occasional Roman Catholic teaching show. Yet it seems that Ingrid is much too knowledgeable to not have watched SEXPERT Dr. Ruth a time or two. In fact I had to spend some time on the Internet with the safe search off to see what she was talking about. I noticed though she condemns Mark Driscoll (We here are always quick to acknowledge and praise others for their judgmentalism) for pointing to a site that promotes sex in marriage. Then Ingrid does it herself! We here at the Online Discernementalist Mafia in no way want to promote great sex in marriage… let alone any sex at all! We see sex as dirty and are sure to treat are wives that way also!


So I am now writing a Press Release that will come out soon. I will not post it on the site as their readership is too small an audience so I will be contacting Rupert Murdoch to see if he will contact Hugh Hefner to have this published in Playboy Magazine. That way we can truly get the word out about Ingrid and her obsession with painted dominatrix girls of Sodom and Dr. (Use a vibrator) Ruth.


Evangelical Pastors Questioned for Highlighting Seattle’s R-Rated Pastor at National Conference

February 10, 2009


SoL, having a keen eye for the other guy has recently noted “Concerns about Mark Driscoll, the controversial pastor of Seattle’s Mars Hill Church, …will be speaking on “Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth” The question for every Bible believing Christian is ….will he RIGHTLY DIVIDE THE WORD…. Or will he like other Emerging Apostates use TRIGONOMETRY!

Ken at Apprising Ministries noted that “just last week I heard from a guy who knew Rob Bell that he heard that Rob was Multiplying the word of God, and standing at the pulpit in jeans with no tie.” Here at the Online Discernmentalist Mafia we were simply outraged for more than one reason.  In fact we are always outraged!

We are not exactly clear what R-Rated means….did Apprising suggest it meant retarded or ridiculous? It does not matter ….here at the Online Discernmentalist Mafia, we are never wrong.

PS We KNOW that Jesus wore a tie…trust us on this…and Apprising will surely explain why!


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