“H” Rays Discovered by Intense Discernmentalist Ministry Co-operation Standing For Truth




Mainstream North Americas are well aware of gamma and x-rays. Few citizens of our fine continent are attentive to the intense online discernmentalist ministries (ODM) extreme black project that has gone underway this past ten years. Spearheading the intense research were such noteworthy discernmentalist ministries as The Online Discernmentalist Mafia (ODMafia), Slice of Laodicea (SoL), Take A Stand Ministries (TSM) and Apprising Ministries (AM).  ODMAfia underwrote the finances while SoL spearheaded a no-evolution approach to Heresy Hunting. TSM and AM who rejects conventional approaches to research (ie objectivity, reading actual books, thinking), struck upon the “H-Ray” by accident. As quoted “While working on our black project a book on the Emerging Church (we were NOT reading this book for fun – but for research purposes) was accidentally placed on top of our experimental machine. The lights and dials went ballistic!!!! Through serendipity we KNEW that we had detected the long sought after Heresy-Ray – hence H-Ray.


We at the Online Discernmentalist Mafia stand for truth, but not insightful questions. However, with the newly discovered H-Ray we will use this device to hunt out Heresy everywhere in the name of truth, justice and the American way.

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