SoL Develops DUMB Thanks To Angry Woman Making Sins Public

Slice of Laodicea (SoL), always on the cusp of late breaking news has this just in…. ”A women is so upset that a church is about to make her immorality public that she goes to the news media to complain about it.” SoL continues with their scintillating commentary ”A woman is upset that a small number of people will be aware of her unrepentant immorality so she decides to inform millions on sites like Fox News?”  Shear CRAZINESS!!! But a respectable Discernmentalist Ministry such as SoL is unrestrained!  Moreover, SoL also notes a positive “This church needs to be thanked for their biblical stance at a time when morals, not to mention IQ’s, are circling the drain.”

The developer D.U.M.B.

How would SoL know whether morals and IQ’s are circling the drain?


Just as Eric Barger’s Take a Stand Ministries (TSM) has the Bible-Based Satellite (BS for short), SoL has a card (a biblical one) up their sleeves… SoL has been secretly developing the very sophisticated ability to measure IQ’s and Morality circling a toilet drain….dubbed the Drain-U-Meter Buster. They prefer the CODE NAME “DUMB ”. With the assistance of DUMB they can ascertain both IQ’s and Morality Depravity within 2% margin of error.


Keeping you informed so you don’t have to do the thinking yourself – the Online Discernmentalist Mafia!

PS Please note that iDumb (Inquisitive Drain-U-Meter-Buster) is a potential runner up for the SoL Technology. SoL has yet to make a publically approved statement.

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