February 19, 2009


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Christianity Today Found Fraudulent

February 19, 2009






Using the latest in Discernmentalist Technologies Christianity Today has been found fraudulent. SoL noted “We have made a huge break through on this obviously immoral and non-biblical magazine.”* SoL further commented and what exactly was exposed, “Christianity Today misleads the public with the word ‘TODAY.‘ They don’t actually create the magazine during the day of publication….it takes weeks, some article even months….frankly this is entirely misleading and I think Christians should reject this type of yellow journalism.”*


The Online Discernmentalist Mafia rejects discounts and laments any misleading yellow journalism. In fact, like SoL, we only MISLEAD if we think we have a better edge on the truth than anybody else! Thanks to SoL special discernmental abilities and warnings we will stay clear of that trashy magazine. Good riddance Christianity Today!

PS We beg all readers to read only the Online Discernmentalist Mafia for bible based absolute truth. Read us now, believe us later.


*Though no one at SoL actually stated these words we here at ODMafia know that they would have if they had thought of them first.





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