Due to being the finest, most discernmentalist, and so incredibly faithful in seeking out and destroying heretics…The Online Discernmentalist Mafia demands you to pay up and donate. One can hardly buy the type of discernmentalist discernmentalism that we offer.

Consider the benefits….
1) We were the first to bring you coverage of Obama’s immoral dance moves and noting that he stays up past 8pm on a school nite

2) We are the first to celebrate Judgmentalism Day…

3) We get more outraged over heresy than anyone else!

4) NO ONE, I MEAN NO ONE is more self righteous than I. Todyaso and therefore has deeper insights than all other Online Discernmentalists combined.

5) We quote from the KJV exclusively. In fact we refer to KJV with 12 pt type or higher (thereby giving us more yelling and bible authority than the average user)

6) Our website is the only website in the world that points towards Jerusalem.

Although NONE of our readers are actually worthy of our readership and apostasy hunting, we feel obliged to tell you to pay up, you will benefit greatly from our deep and penetrating insights.

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