The ODMafia supports this great Truth Warrior! Chris Pajak


Rwandan Tutsi Forgives (Click to watch video)

Chris Pajak loves to taunt those heretics at We here at the ODMafia appreciate and totally understand Chris Pajak’s comment (Chris uses the moniker of the template of righteous disdain)

Chris Pajak

Chris Pajak is a worship leader at Four Corners Worship Center.

After this video was posted Chris Pajak states this brilliant and on the mark statement!

  1. “the template of righteous disdain Says:

February 24th, 2009 at 2:12 pm

God’s grace……… hmmm……..
One million died in 3 mos. Where was His grace then?
The interviewer quoted scripture; so did Satan. Even the demons believe.I wonder how many hail mary’s she said along with the “our father”
It’s God’s grace he doesn’t strike everyone down who is making a buck off of Him.BTW there is no apartheid in the body of Christ. There is no division. Paul’s point in 1 Cor 12 is that the body CANNOT be divided.
What is seen here is what you get when the Word of God is not held as the standard.

Let’s have a conversation instead of seeking the Truth, because we really don’t want to know.”

Thank God for self  righteous men like Chris Pajak… we need more manly men like him!

Chris Pajak also is a contributor to Ken Silva’s site, CRN

Private note to CP: When are you shipping my peyote?

20 Responses to The ODMafia supports this great Truth Warrior! Chris Pajak

  1. Ken Silva says:

    Carlos Shelton,

    You seriously need to grow up. Do you really think you’re demonstrating grace to Chris Pajak here?


  2. itodyaso says:


    This is the Truth War in all its glory! You sound like you don’t approve of Chris Pajak’s statement? Really we do not need division… but must hold the line of OUR/YOUR Truth War and fight for OUR/YOUR Doctrines.

    You should be proud of the fruits of your labor as Chris Pajak so admires you and should submit more articles to CRN as he gets what this war is all about that you are fight for! We, as well as Chris Pajak are YOUR disciples… we get our cues from you… we are truly not worthy!

    As Chris Pajak points out for all of us, this is not the time for Grace… it is time for judging and condemning others in the name of OUR Doctrines.

    We shall overcome!


  3. Ken Silva says:

    Carlos Shelton,

    You seriously need to grow up.


  4. itodyaso says:

    I have surpassed you in my discernmentalist skills, my affectionate uncle, and I see you are saddened by that. Don’t worry, I will be as you created me to be and do as I learned from you. And I may now state you publicly back the statements of Chris Pajak and his view on God’s grace?

    Also, I am saddened you won’t be my friend on Facebook…

    By any name you choose to call me,

    I. Todyaso


  5. Ken Silva says:

    Carlos Shelton,

    Time to grow up.


  6. itodyaso says:


    Will you please? It seems ironic that you of all people will react this way about giving grace to others! LOL!


  7. Ken Silva says:

    Carlos Shelton,

    Time to grow up past Junior High now.


  8. Carlos says:

    Please Ken, do not expect me to listen to your exhortation when your actions are such opposite to your own words. Please first go and learn what Grace is before you attack people and then cry foul when you do not like that your own friends say such garbage… Why are you defending such blasphemy against the Grace of God? If this was one of you so called enemies saying this you would be out to destroy them on a personal level… I am making a joke about how stupid the Truth War is and how far you guys go to misuse the bible and Truth to hurt others. To me you are the child that seems to want to cast stones and deny that you sin yourself… and being divisive is a sin.

    May you grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.


  9. Ken Silva says:

    Carlos Shelton,

    Time to become a man and put away childish things.


  10. Carlos says:

    Yes Ken and as soon as you learn to love as that passage refers to… then you also will be mature in the faith…

    Really you are like a child going on and on saying childish things like “grow up”…

    Here you had another opportunity to engage in a grown up discussion about Grace and how someone in your camp who looks up to you blasphemes God with his comments blaming God for the Rwandan massacre… instead of dealing with that, you tell me to grow up… Ken the irony is totally lost on you as you ask me to show Chris Pajak Grace…

    1. This is a parody/satire site…
    2. Chris P did state those words and they are unbiblcal and just plain unloving and unchristian
    3. You are getting all bothered over a post that states more truth in it than almost anything you have written.
    4. You act like a grade schooler as you tell me to “grow up” over and over as if being the school yard bully (which you are) is more grown up.
    5. Your presence here on this post only shows more you insencerity and dishonesty that comes from you.

    If you next comment is just grow up… While this site makes fun of the ODM’s, in my personal life I am nothing like you and glad of it… If being mature is to be mean, nasty, ungraceful, unmerciful, dishonest, unable to engage in actual conversation, and judge, condemn and abuse others… twist the truth to fit you own relativistic systematic theologic view point as well as twist others words and lie about them… well then I will be as a child in Christ and will never attempt to grow into YOUR image of yourself.

    By telling me to grow up you only highlight your own immaturity… and how sad and petty you really are. Oh and btw. telling me to be a man is very funny coming from you… a person who does not even have a single picture of himself on the internet… it seems you are too much of a coward to put your face to your words…


  11. Ken Silva says:

    Carlos Shelton,

    Sadly, you really don’t get it, do you…


  12. Ken Silva says:

    Carlos Shelton,

    Sadly, I’m afraid you don’t. Please grow up.


    • Carlos says:

      You killing me with your wit… LOL! and prove again that you are totally clueless…

      If I was on your side you would defend me… and look the other way if I said something that demeans God’s great Grace… here you tell me to grow up as I defend it. Interesting Ken… as it seems that to be grown up to you is to want me to be and act like you, yet when I do you tell me to grow up? LOL! again, you don’t get it… and I am spelling it out for you. Each time you tell me to “Grow up” you are saying this about yourself… yet ironies of all irony, you can’t see this!

      So keep it up… and when you figure out that you are only insulting yourself with each “Grow up” I am sure you will stop.

      All I can say is… whateva! And please stop beating the sheep… Jesus loves them to much for you to abuse them as you do.


  13. Ken Silva says:


    Same old Carlos Shelton, thinks he knows what he doesn’t know. Sad, and you have the audacity to presume to teach God’s Word.


  14. itodyaso says:


    How uplifting and edifying and I feel so built up… let alone such a display of God’s grace and love towards me!

    Thanks… you always live up to expectations…

    keep it going… I love it when you get nasty and people see the real you…


    I that the name of our Lord Jesus may be glorified in you, and you in him, according to the grace of our God and the Lord Jesus Christ.


  15. Ken Silva says:

    Calos Shelton,

    “Ken is a coward who will not even show his face on the internet… let alone engage in any real conversation with anyone… he is childish and his comments which are rude and put-downs mean nothing.”

    Right; perfect example of why I’ve admonished you in the Lord to grow up and become a man.


  16. itodyaso says:

    LOL Ken,

    I admonish you to be a pastor and stop insulting people… do you even know what admonish means? LOL!

    What I said is true and you can comment where I said it… here as they have not block your comments as you state they have… you may be on moderation for you snide remarks and put-downs… as on example here.

    Ken… seriously, if you are a pastor act like one… and if you are should you not be doing this work on your own congregation and leave the pastoring to my own pastor? Aren’t you overstepping your authority a bit here?

    And why the attack on me at the same time defending Chris P? Why not deal with someone who has a truly twisted view of God’s Grace and deal with him?

    Keep going… this is really enlightening to the readership on how deep you really are and how you are unable to actually “give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have”… I ask you to defend the Great Grace of our Lord and you tell me to “grow up”… then tell me I know nothing… but it is you have not given an answer.



  17. […] a recent spat with Apprising, I. Toldyaso was forced to grow up using specially calibrated manure from various […]


  18. Chris P. says:

    You obviously missed the entire point, but that is nothing new. You are the living evidence of predestination.


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