Don’t Stare At Rob Bell’s Glasses


In the latest expose by Apprising Ministries (AM), using enhanced Bible technology not yet named – this insightful ministry was able to expose Rob Bell’s eyeglasses as mystical-emergent death rays. Moreover, it is believed that IF you stare at them long enough you will be seduced into watching his NOOMA videos. AM strongly cautions against Rob Bell (and his glasses) suggesting that to give him an ear could substantially reduce judgmentalism and Discernmentalism destroying true ministry as we know it.

We at the Online Discernmentalist Mafia will attempt to edit out all pictures we post of Rob to thwart any attempts of mesmerization or destroying our ability to be judgmental.

One Response to Don’t Stare At Rob Bell’s Glasses

  1. […] generation seeking “relevant, authentic, new” understandings of theology through his trademark & hip horn-rimmed glasses. And yes, some of those videos are fantastic. I’ve read plenty of stories/articles from […]


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